Powerex, Inc.

- Powerex turns ideas into cost-effective products and is a leading supplier of discrete, modular and integrated high power semiconductor solutions, supporting many markets, including: AC and DC Motor Controls, Aircraft, Alternative Energy (WIND, Photovoltaic), Communications, Electrical, Industrial Heating, Medical Power Supplies, Transportation, UPS, Vehicles, and Welding.

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Version 6 DIPIPM™ and 6.1 Generation NX Series IGBTs

Powerex's version 6 DIPIPM™ and 6.1 generation NX series IGBTs simplify the design of low- and medium-power inverters for various applications. Learn More


Powerex DIPIPMs are Intelligent Power Modules that integrate power devices, drivers, and protection circuitry. Learn More

6th Generation S-Series IGBTs

Powerex's 6th generation S-Series IGBTs are improved versions of the earlier 5th generation A-Series and NF-Series IGBTs in compatible packages. Learn More


Powerex's CD4 and CD6 POW-R-BLOK™ VERSION C modules are designed for use in applications requiring rectification, half-control, or full control. Learn More

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Key Features and Advantages for Using POW-R-BLOK™ Modules

This video shows key features and advantages for using Powerex POW-R-BLOK™ Modules.

Powerex Module Processing at New Medium Volume Semiconductor Module Assembly Facility

Tour of the new module assembly facility of Powerex in Yongstown, PA

Silicon Carbide Technology

Overview of Silicon Carbide Technology

Benefits of Mega Power Dual Technology

Mega Power Dual™, a new optimized IGBT power package from Powerex, offers the benefits of three new technologies in one compact package.

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