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- O.C. White is considered the world’s oldest industrial lighting manufacturer and has been illuminating ideas and designs since 1883. As the world's most innovative industrial lighting manufacturer, O.C. White has earned an unparalleled reputation for the quality of its superior products and fixtures.

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Accu-Lite™ LED Magnifiers

O.C. White's feature-rich Accu-Lite™ LED magnifiers come in 3 sizes, 2 diopters, 2 colors, and are available with several mounting options and add-on lenses. Learn More

BONKOTE™ BONPENS Refillable Flux Pens

O.C. White's BONKOTE™ BONPENS refillable flux pens are ESD safe, available in seven distinct styles, and are used for a variety of applications. Learn More

Prolite® Magnifiers

O.C. White's Prolite series fluorescent magnifier uses a high output 22 W circular bulb and includes a bulb shield for additional operator safety. The 5” round crown white glass magnifiers come in two distinct magnifications: 3 diopter (1.75x) and 5 diopter (2.25x). Learn More

Green-Lite® Magnifiers

The Green-Lite series from O.C. White are an energy efficient, high output, and long lasting line of inspection lighting systems. Learn More

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O.C. White’s Microscopes

The features and benefits of the complete range of O.C. White’s microscopes.


The features and benefits of O.C. White’s BONKOTE™ BONPENS

O.C. White - Green-Lite™ Series

The exceptionally designed Green-Lite™ series from O.C. White is an energy efficient, high output and long lasting line of inspection lighting systems.

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