- NorComp, located in Charlotte North Carolina, is a leader in the design, worldwide manufacture, and marketing of I/O interconnect products, such as Circular Connectors, D-Subminiature, d-sub connectors, d-sub backshells & hoods, USB 2.0 / 3.0 connectors, POWER-D / Combo-D Mixed connectors, d-sub hardware & accessories, 2 MM headers, sockets, receptacles, plugs, adapters, gender changers, & more. NorComp offers a wide range of premium machined, rugged, high reliability connectors for military, industrial, medical and computer markets. With key brands such as SEAL-D (IP67 Waterproof, IP66 water resistant d-sub, POWER-D mixed connectors), M-SERIES (high reliable robust machined connectors), MICRO-D (micro miniature d sub connectors), and ARMOR (Ruggedized die cast metal backshell systems), NorComp has what you need for the most challenging design applications.

M-SERIES D-Sub Connector

Image of NorComp's M-SERIES D-Sub Connectors

NorComp's M-SERIES D-Sub connectors are designed for rugged / robust applications including medical, industrial, and aerospace. Learn More

IP67 SEAL-D® D-Sub Connectors

Image of NorComp's IP67 SEAL-D® D-Sub Connectors

IP67 SEAL-D connectors utilize a proprietary sealing designed for applications that require protection from heavy spray or are exposed to short-term submersion. Learn More

MICRO-D Connectors

MICRO-D Connectors

NorComp's MICRO-D connectors are designed for commercial applications where space is at a premium, but a robust shielded I/O connector system is required. Learn More

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Stacked D-Sub I/O Connectors

Norcomp's dual port D-Sub solution is available in four industry sizes, three connector spacing options, and six different hardware configurations. Learn More

QUIK-LOQ™, Metal-Shell, Push-Pull Circular Connectors

NorComp launches QUIK-LOQ push-pull connectors which deliver up to 30 A in a fully shielded compact, high-performance solution ideal for harsh environments. Learn More

M-SERIES (M5, M8, and M12) Metal Shell Circular Connectors

NorComp offers their line of metal shell circular connectors featuring a rugged, IP67/68 waterproof design for demanding end-use applications. Learn More

ARMOR Ruggedized Backshell System

Norcomp's ARMOR D-Sub backshells are designed for rugged and robust applications including military, industrial, and aerospace. Learn More

IP66 SEAL-D® D-Sub Connectors

NorComp's IP66 SEAL-D® D-Sub connectors are ideal for applications that require splash or strong jet spray protection. Learn More

MICRO-D Connectors

NorComp's Micro Miniature D-Sub connectors target a growing segment of the commercial electronic interconnect market. Engineers, requiring the rugged, reliable performance of D-Sub connectors but with tight space constraints, have traditionally utilized high density D-Subs due to their compact design. Learn More

Tools and Support

Image of NorComp's 3D Models

3D Model Downloads

Comprehensive listing of NorComp Product Offering in detailed IGES or STEP File Formats for ease of download. Learn More

Image of NorComp's 3D PDFs

3D PDF Downloads

Comprehensive listing of NorComp Product Offering in 3D PDF File Format for ease of download. Learn More

Image of NorComp's Mil-Spec to COTS

Mil-Spec to COTS Cross Reference Master List

Detailed cross-reference list of Mil-Spec to COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) from NorComp for advanced applications – high performing & cost efficient solutions in Military & Aerospace Systems. Learn More

Image of NorComp's Documents

White Papers

Detailed Case Studies of NorComp Custom & Semi-Custom Solutions at work within various industries including Test & Measurement, Industrial Controls & Automation, Medical Devices, Military Electronics, & Communications. Learn More

Image of NorComp's Documents

Product Brochures

Full listing of NorComp Product Sales Sheets & Specifications for ease of download - including ARMOR Ruggedized Backshell Systems, M-SERIES Metal Shell Circulars, M-SERIES Machined D-Subs, MICRO-D Miniature Connectors, POWER-D I/O Connectors, SEAL-D® IP Connectors, & DUAL-PORT D-Subs. Learn More



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M-Series Circular Connectors Publish Date: 2015-10-20

All M-Series cable mount connectors are available as pre-made cable assemblies in a variety of cable constructions and mold designs.

Duration: 10 minutes
MICRO-D Connector Publish Date: 2012-02-17

The MICRO-D micro miniature d-sub connectors are available in three industry standard sizes and feature a variety of termination types.

Duration: 5 minutes
D-Sub Connectors Publish Date: 2011-11-02

Norcomp's D-Sub connector offering along with the information needed in selecting the right D-Sub connector for an application.

Duration: 20 minutes
Backshell Selection Guide Publish Date: 2011-11-02

Guide to selecting the proper backshell for an application including material selection, cable exit/entry angle, hardware, and strain relief.

Duration: 10 minutes

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NorComp QUIK-LOQ Circular Connectors | Digi-Key Daily

QUIK-LOQ, push-pull connectors from NorComp deliver up to 30 A in a fully shielded, compact, high-performance solution that is ideal for harsh environments.

NorComp 955 Assembly Video

NorComp QLOCKPOST Assembly Video

QUIK-LOQ Metal Push Pull Connector Assembly (820B, 821B, 822B)

Overview of Norcomp's QUIK-LOQ Metal Push Pull Connector Assembly for the 820B, 821B, and 822B series.

QUIK-LOQ Metal Push Pull Connector Assembly (820K, 821K, 822K)

Overview of Norcomp's QUIK-LOQ Metal Push Pull Connector Assembly for the 820K, 821K, and 822K series.

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