NJR Corporation/NJRC

- NJR Corporation/NJRC ("NJR", San Jose, CA) is the North American subsidiary of New Japan Radio Company ("NJRC", Tokyo, Japan) one of the world's largest producers of Bipolar and CMOS Linear ICs.

NJR is responsible for all sales and product support to customers located in the US, Canada, Mexico and Latin America.


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NJU7755x Series Operational Amplifier

NJR's NJU7755x series operational amplifiers have high GBW, lower power, RRIO, and can save the battery life of IoT designs. Learn More

NJU7098A Operational Amplifier

NJR's NJU7098A series operational amplifiers have a low offset voltage and zero-drift that is suitable for PLC, ATE, sensor modules, and solar power inverters. Learn More

NJL6195R Photodiode Sensor

NJR's NJL6195R photodiode sensor features wide spectral operation, high sensitivity, and high-speed operation in a small package size. Learn More