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15 minutes
Carol® Brand Coaxial Cables
Introduction to Carol® Brand coaxial cables, including basic technical construction information as well as recommended application uses.
5 minutes
Audio/Visual and Broadcast Cables
Explanation of the composition of audio, visual, and broadcast cables in addition to examples of common applications for each cable type.
20 minutes
Cable Basics - Composition, Construction and Proper Use
Explanation of the composition of common cables, cable material properties, as well as cable types and their proper use.
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About General Cable

General Cable is North America’s largest manufacture of wire and cable. General Cable has been an industry leader for over 170 years. Their wire and cable products help drive technologies in building, maintaining and advancing the power and information structures that connect our world. They serve customers in every major market channel, including energy, construction, industrial, specialty and communications. General Cable operates in the Americas and Europe with manufacturing facilities and engineering facilities located in these regions.

General Cables' Carol® Brand electronic cables help meet almost every spec for electronics, electrical, instrumentation and control application. The electronic cables include hook up wire, multi-conductor and paired cables and coax cables. Their specialty line of Exzel® cable provides superior flexibility and performance in industrial machine applications where highly automated processes continue to expand. General Cables' Carol Brand portable cord products provide portable power and support industrial automation applications with our superior performing rubber cords. With a Carol Brand cable you can specify with confidence the right cables for the design application.