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5 minutes
DLynx 2 Family of Non-isolated Converter Modules
This presentation will promote and educate the value proposition of ABB's DLynx 2 family of non-isolated converter modules.
10 minutes
End-to-End Power Solutions
Learn about the brick families of board mounted, isolated DC-DC converters from ABB.
15 minutes
Designing in DLynx POL
The features and benefits of the DLynx POL modules along with the steps to selecting and implementing a POL module.
10 minutes
Digital Solutions
DLynx and Barracuda series converters use the PMBus interface to provide communication, configuration, and control.
10 minutes
Digital Power Insight GUI
Using the Digital Power Insight evaluation kit and a step by step walk-through of the Digital Power Insight Simple GUI.
5 minutes
Barracuda DC-DC Power Conversion Modules
The Barracuda series of fully regulated isolated bus converters offers PMBus configuration and communication, PWM control, and internal monitoring architecture.
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