- FLEx Lighting is changing the way we see and experience light. FLEx’s technologies have created the world’s thinnest lighting system, which is now powering next generation electronic displays, LED luminaires and other lighting applications. These products provide critical lighting solutions for the rapidly expanding category of Reflective LCDs to enhance and augment the rising tide of portable, wearable, and flexible devices of the future. FLEx’s talented team has several decades of expertise in product development, specialty optics design, and high growth enterprises. With 14 sales offices across North America, manufacturing capabilities in the US and Asia, and over 25 granted patents worldwide, FLEx can help frame what your product has to offer in its best light.

Guidelines for Driving Front Light LED

Image of Flex's Driving Front Light

Presented in this article is practical information regarding best practices for driving FLEx front light led panels. Learn More

Effects of Blue Light in Educational Devices for Children

Image of Flex's Effects Blue Light

FLEx front lighting solutions can help to minimize harmful overexposure to blue light. Learn More

Front Light Panel FAQs

Image of Flex's Front Light Panels

Find answers to common questions about front lighting solutions including benefits and drawbacks using this technology. Learn More

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FLEx Monochrome Development Kits with Sharp RLCD

FLEx Lighting's FLEx monochrome development kits with sharp RLCD offers variable brightness for both the LCD and the front light to test the display. Learn More

Color Development Kits with JDI RLCD

With just a single low-power LED, the integrated FLEx front light panel and JDI color display offers a power-efficient alternative to backlit displays. Learn More

Front Light Panel for Sharp Reflective Displays

FLEx Lighting's front light panel offers a way to light the Sharp reflective display in the absence of ambient light. Learn More

Low-Power Front Lights

FLEx Lighting's low-power front lights are the ideal low-power alternative to traditional backlit LCDs and designed for reflective displays. Learn More

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Get in Front with FLEx

Learn more about FLEx: Watch our brief video on the benefits of using a frontlit display with FLEx.

LED Future Display Technology & Engineering Shifts

The invention of reflective LCDs (RLCD) has opened up opportunities in technology that allow devices to produce a display that is brilliantly lit while also saving power, even under direct sunlight.

How FLEx Works: FLP Front Lighting vs Backlighting

Learn how FLEx's flexible front light guide film technology illuminates your LCD screen in any lighting situation using a single LED

Developer Kit Demo: Front Light Panel on a JDI 2.7” Color Reflective Display | FLEx Lighting

Watch the JDI developer kit demo and learn how to download control software, power up the front light kit and control it with a computer, and learn about advanced features.

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