API Delevan

- API Delevan designs, manufactures, and markets an extensive line of quality inductors, chokes, and coils to satisfy various electrical filtering requirements. The Group concentrates on producing high performance inductive devices to meet stringent government and customer specifications relating to high product quality and reliability.

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HRSPD127 Series Power Inductors

The API Delevan HRSPD127 series of fixed inductors has magnetic shielding, low DRC, and excellent handling capabilities for high-reliability applications. Learn More

5500R Series High Current Power Chokes

API Delevan's 5500R series of SMD, high-current power chokes feature low DC resistance to minimize voltage drops and dissipated power. Learn More

High-Temperature Power Toroids

API Delevan's HTPT66 series of high-temperature power toroids for use in switching power supplies, as output chokes, in EMI/RFI filtering, and DC/DC converters. Learn More

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Customizing Passive Magnetic Components

An overview for designing application specific and custom passive magnetic products, as well as the part numbering scheme and manufacturing process.

Passive Magnetic Products

This video will teach you the essential terminology used in the design and selection of inductors, chokes, transformers, and other related products.

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