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WICED™ IoT Design Platform


WICED™ (pronounced "wik-id") is Cypress’s IoT platform that enables the rapid development and deployment of connected IoT products.

Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED)

  • Eliminate the complexity of adding wireless
  • Simplifies adding cloud services
  • Allows customers to focus on their IoT product development

The WICED™ SDK is pre-integrated, pre-tested and continuously updated

  • WICED APIs and drivers make wireless connectivity easy and flexible
  • Proven production-ready stacks (e.g. networking, security)
  • Pre-integrated licensed ecosystem libraries (e.g. HomeKit, Weave)
  • Pre-integrated world-leading IoT cloud platforms (e.g. Amazon AWS, IBM BlueMix)

The WICED Partner Ecosystem accelerates your time-to-market

  • Partners who are experts in product development with the WICED™ SDK
  • Partners who are experts in integrating embedded system with mobile and cloud applications
  • Partners who deliver a broad portfolio of certified modules optimized for power, range and interoperability
  • Professional highly engaged community

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