DK IoT Studio

Introducing… DK IoT Studio™

DK IoT Studio provides the fastest and simplest way to create, deploy, and manage a complete embedded-to-cloud IoT solution.

DK IoT Studio


  • Deliver “Radical Simplicity” to IoT Developers and Solution Providers
  • Go from idea to prototype in minutes without writing any code
  • Seamless path from creation to deployment
  • Masks the complexity of underlying SDKs, APIs, and drivers
  • No need for expensive, specialized programming skills
  • Use DK IoT Studio as a central console to monitor and manage your devices, data, and users
  • Integrate your data into a third-party application, data warehouse, or cloud platform


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DK IoT Studio App

The app is an extension of the DK IoT Studio, and enables you to use the platform as you would from within a desktop browser, including registering and managing devices, viewing device data through dashboards, and more.


IoT Agent

The IoT Agent is a local application that runs in your computer’s system tray. It is used for programming hardware and acts as an intermediary between the computer’s connectivity protocol drivers and the browser running the DK IoT Studio.


Operating System

Running the Agent

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Supported OS Platforms

  • Windows 7, 8 & 10
    • Mozilla Firefox ver. 58+
    • Google Chrome ver. 60+
    • Microsoft Edge (Win 10 Only)
  • Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard - latest
    • Safari 9.0+
    • Mozilla Firefox ver. 58+
    • Google Chrome ver. 60+
  • Linux based
    • Mozilla Firefox ver. 58+
    • Google Chrome ver. 60+