UV LED Driver Board

RayVio’s UV LED driver board for XE and XP1 series of UV-C emitters

Image of RayVio's UV LED Driver BoardRayVio’s ultraviolet (UV) LED driver board allows for multiple user configurations including power supply options, varying output current options, and on/off control by manual pushbutton or by external signal, all in a compact 30 mm x 30 mm board size.

  • Power supply: driver IC TPS61165
    • Battery: Li-Po 3.7 V, 300 mAh
    • The driver IC boosts input voltage up to LED operating voltage
    • Micro USB charges batteries and the driver operates without battery while USB is connected
    • External power supply: battery connector that can be used to connect to an external power supply
  • Controllable output current
    • Presets: 50 mA, 150 mA, or 200 mA
    • User configurable option by selecting appropriate resistor value
  • LED on/off control
    • Presets: on-board on/off pushbutton
    • User supplied external control signal
  • LED driver layout
    • 30 mm x 30 mm board size
    • Two-layer PCB
    • Four 3 mm diameter mounting holes
Published: 2018-08-28