TPG2EW1S09 High-Volume Pulsed Semiconductor Laser Diode

Excelitas' Gen 2 PLD is ideal for range finding and industrial LiDAR

Image of Excelitas Technologies' TPG2EW1S09 High-Volume Pulsed Semiconductor Laser Diode Excelitas Technologies' Generation 2 high-volume pulsed semiconductor laser diode (PLD) emits at 905 nm in the near-infrared and features a multi-layer monolithic chip design. With an optical emitting area of 225 µm x 10 µm by the emission of three laser lines, the Gen 2 905 PLD offers high output power in a small emitting area. This product provides higher efficiency (3 W/A) than its predecessor for further ranging and reduced power consumption. Its improved GaAs structure offers typically 85 W pulsed peak power when driven at 30 A for an increase of more than 20% optical power at the same drive current. The Generation 2 905 nm high-volume PLD is an ideal solution for industrial and consumer range finding and LiDAR applications involving time-of-flight (ToF) measurements.

  • LiDAR/ToF measurements
  • Laser range finding
  • Laser scanning/UGV
  • Infrared night illumination
  • Laser therapy
  • Material excitation in medical and other analytical applications
  • Up to 22% power increase
  • 3 W/A power slope
  • 225 µm active laser length
  • High-volume plastic TO package
  • RoHS compliant

TPG2EW1S09 High-Volume Pulsed Semiconductor Laser Diode

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionWavelengthAvailable QuantityView Details
LASER DIODE 905NM 85W RADIALTPG2EW1S09LASER DIODE 905NM 85W RADIAL905nm148 - ImmediateView Details
Updated: 2021-01-06
Published: 2020-12-04