Digi XBee® ZigBee® Mesh Kit

Digi's XBee ZigBee mesh kit provides a hands-on way to learn how to use XBee RF modules for device connectivity and mesh networking

Image of Digi's XBee ZigBee Mesh KitDigi's XBee ZigBee mesh kit offers a great way to learn how to use XBee RF modules for device connectivity and ZigBee-based mesh networking. Starting with simple examples, Digi provides step-by-step guidance as the user assembles the kit components to create reliable, low-power device communications and sensor networks.

Mesh networking is a powerful way to route data. Range is extended by allowing data to hop from node-to-node, and reliability is increased by "self-healing," the ability to create alternate paths when one node fails or a connection is lost. ZigBee is one of the most popular mesh networking protocols, specifically designed for low-data rate and low-power applications. ZigBee is an open standard, enabling interoperability between different device manufacturers.

This kit is designed for anyone interested in getting started in the world of ZigBee. Hardware and software engineers, corporate technologists, or educators and students can quickly learn more about ZigBee technology through hands-on examples in the kit, utilizing XBee ZigBee modules.

XBee and XBee-PRO® ZigBee modules are ideal for applications in the energy and controls markets where time-to-market and reliability are critical. With Digi's extensive and easy-to-use XBee API framework, customers can get their ZigBee product to market faster than any other module available in the industry. Features like binding and multicasting also allow for simple integration for home automation applications.

These modules are available in the popular XBee through-hole and surface-mount form-factors, providing customers the flexibility to substitute one XBee technology for another with minimal development time and risk. Using the long range XBee-PRO variant, customers can get up to two miles (3200 meters) LoS range.

The kit includes: 3 XBee Grove development boards, 3 XBee ZigBee modules, 3 Micro-USB cables, and 2 XBee stickers.

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XBee ZigBee Mesh Kit

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusTypeFrequencyAvailable QuantityView Details
XBEE ZIGBEE MESH KITXKB2-Z7T-WZMXBEE ZIGBEE MESH KITActiveTransceiver; 802.15.4 (ZigBee®)2.4GHz29 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2015-11-30