USB C 3.1 Cable Assemblies

CnC Tech offers 3.1 USB Type-C Cable Assemblies

Image of CNC Tech 3.1 USB Type-C Cable AssembliesCnC Tech's new cable assemblies offer a Type-C USB connector. USB Type-C connectors are reversible and are about the same size as Micro-B USB connectors which will enable these to work with even the smallest devices. USB Type-C connectors can support USB 3.1 with speeds of up to 10 Gbps (double the speed of USB 3.0) for more efficient data transfers.

These cable assemblies are available in a length of 1.00 meter and in two configurations:

  • USB Type-C to USB Type-C
  • USB Type-C to USB Type-A

3.1 USB Type-C Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingPart StatusConfigurationAvailable QuantityView Details
CBL USB3.1 A PLUG TO C PLUG 1M105-1032-BL-00100CBL USB3.1 A PLUG TO C PLUG 1MBulkObsoleteA Male to C Male62 - ImmediateView Details
CBL USB3.1 C PLUG TO C PLUG 1M105-1042-BL-00100CBL USB3.1 C PLUG TO C PLUG 1MBulkObsoleteC Male to C Male353 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2015-07-27