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The Hacksmith: Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Drone

By The Hacksmith

Riley is on his fall break from college for the week and was challenged to make another creation from Rainbow Six Siege. The last item from Rainbow Six Siege was Blitz’s shield, which has blinding bright LEDs to fend off opponents.

This time, he’s been tasked with re-creating Twitch’s drone. Twitch is a playable character and the resident electrical engineer and computer scientist in Rainbow Six Siege. Her drone sits between two wheels and balances on an axis, similar to a hoverboard. Through the video game miracles of oversight and suspension of disbelief, the drone in the game can strafe in any direction, which is actually impossible with only two wheels. Unfortunately, the real-life version does not defy physics and only goes back and forth, but it can rotate in place.

In the game, the drone is remotely controlled by players using a first-person-view camera, and the enemies and objectives seen by the player with the drone are painted onto the player’s mini-map on their heads-up display. See how Riley made it in the video below!


Turning an RC Car Into a Drone

The defining difference between a remote-controlled vehicle and a drone is the display. A drone has a camera mounted on it so the user can see where the drone is going and control it even if there are obstructions to its line of site. So, by adding a camera and a display, you can turn any RC car into a drone.

How Does It Work?

The motors and motor-control system that came with the RC were removed and put into a new case that houses the camera system and the taser (way cooler than the nerf darts the RC car had before). The remote control was also scrapped in favor of a smartphone. The camera and control system are powered by the AA batteries that came with the RC car. The taser circuit, however, uses a more powerful lithium-ion battery. You can see the circuit diagram below.

Schematic and BOM



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