High Carbon Chromium Low Alloy Steel Datasheet by Ideal-tek S.A.

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This document contains information based on average values as obtained from the results of laboratory tests and observations made on the material.
Ideal-tek SA declines all responsibility from an improper use of the product described in this document.
High carbon-chromium low alloy steel type CR
General notes:
»chrome alloy tool steel (Material number 1.3505, 100Cr6, AISI 52100)
»hardened by heat treatment, max. hardness 68 HRC
»moderate resistance to corrosion
»generally used where strength, hardness and wear resistance are of primary concern
»typical applications include the production of high quality cutters and pliers ideal for bending and cutting
single or multiple filars and for lateral or internal cuts. Typical applications include cutting stents, braided mesh,
catheters and guide wires in medical device manufacturing. Also commonly used in electronic assembly and
rework, as well as in fine jewellery.
Coef. of lin. therm expansion 12.0 E-6/°C 20°C-100°C
Coef. of lin. therm expansion 13.0 E-6/°C 20°C-300°C
Specific heat capacity 0.46 J/(g.K)
Thermal conductivity 33 W/(m.K)
Density 7.85 g/cm3
Pliers Hardness 45 HRC
Cutters Hardness 63 HRC
Medical-Grade Cutters Hardness 67-68 HRC
Tensile strength, ultimate 2400 MPa
0.2% Yield stress 1800 MPa
Elongation, break 40%
Modulus of elasticity 212 GPa
Mechanical properties
Resistivity 0.30 E-4 Ohm.cm
Electrical properties
Thermal properties
Component Wt.% Component Wt.% Component Wt.%
C0.95-1.10 Si 0.15-0.35 Mn 0.25-0.45
P0.030 S0.030 Cr 1.35-1.65