IsoBlock I-FG Series Spec Sheet Datasheet by Verivolt LLC

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The IsoBlock Current-FG is a sensor designed for high-quality isolated current measurements in
the range from 6 to 50 Amperes. The IsoBlock Current-FG module provides 1200V primary-to-sec-
ondary isolation, which allows users to monitor a miscellaneous of currents at different potentials.
The IsoBlock Current-FG uses Flux-Gate methodology to measure the current flowing through the
input conductor. In essence, this technique works by placing a toroid with a high number of turns
(secondary) around the input current path (primary), while a close-loop circuitry controls the cur-
rent through the secondary to null out the magnetic field inside the toroid. The input current is
then obtained by multiplying the current from the control circuitry by the number of turns of the
secondary. This is followed by an anti-aliasing filter and a conditioning stage to output a ±10V
The compact form factor of the IsoBlock Current-FG module allows users to setup high channel
density monitoring systems, making it ideal for deployed and portable systems.
IsoBlock I-FG 6A 15A 25A 50A
Bandwidth (-3dB point) DC - 300kHz
Integrated sensor noise
(Referenced to input) < 3.2 mA < 6 mA < 10 mA < 18 mA
Conversion Factor 1.667 V/A 666.667 mV/A 400 mV/A 200 mV/A
Input dynamic range 12A 30A 50A 100A
Accuracy (percentage of
Max total phase shift at 60Hz < 0.05°
Max Input delay < 5 μs
Isolation voltage from primary
side to secondary side > ±1200V
Withstanding common mode
surge voltage ±2000V
Thermal drift gain < ±0.01% / °C
Mounting Type DIN Rail
Outer Dimensions 3.5” x 2.5” x 1.5”
Weight 205 g (7.2 oz)
Input-Output non-linearity < 280 ppm/A
Output voltage ±10V, ±5V Custom
Gain temperature drift ±50 ppm/°C
Power Supply Voltage 8V to 28V
Output type Differential signal
Output Offset Voltage < ±500µV
Output impedance 100Ω
Common mode impedance > 2 GΩ || 4pF
Differential Input impedance > 1 MΩ
Operating temperature – 25 to 65 °C
Storage temperature – 40 to 70 °C
Installation on DIN rail
The IsoBlock Current module is designed to mount on standard
NS-35 or NS-32 DIN rails with minimal preparation, providing us-
ers ease of use and flexibility.
indication of input, output and power of the IsoBlock I-FG
The current input connector is located at the top of the module in
the figure above. A connector that servers to power the unit and
output the sensor signal lays along the bottom.
IsoBlock I-FG
Single-Channel FluxGate
Current Measuring Module
THIS SENSOR IS NOT A SAFETY DEVICE AND IS NOT INTENDED TO BE USED AS A SAFETY DEVICE. This sensor is designed only to detect and read certain data in an elec-
tronic manner and perform no use apart from that, specifically no safetyrelated use. This sensor product does not include self-checking redundant circuitry, and the
failure of this sensor product could cause either an energized or de-energized output condition, which could result in death, serious bodily injury, or property damage.
● RoHS Compliant
● CE
Standards and Certifications
C. Pass conductor through aperture
and observe orientation for proper sig-
nal polarity.
B. Securely connect one end of a
twisted pair to the output terminals,
and the other end to the inputs of your
data acquisition unit
A. Connect external power source
to power the unit. For proper function-
ing the power supply should provide a
voltage as specified with at
least 0.2A of continuous current and
0.4A surge during module start-up.