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USB-CAN Analyzer
SKU 114991193
The USB-CAN Analyzer is a very economical USB-CAN Analyzer, With this very high quality, reliable and
portable Analyzer, it would be very convenient for you to develop, test, manage, and maintain CAN Bus
network, as well as0 receiving, sending, analyzing CAN data.
Optimized the conversion protocol, improved conversion efficiency.
Saving customized setting automatically.
Hex number converts to Decimal number visualized in the software. Decimal number show both value with
symbol and without symbol, don’t need to use calculator.
Customized receiving ID, easy to debug.
Visualized CAN bus status. Convenient for analyze CAN Bus problem.
Can be saved as Excel or TXT file.
Receiving data can be refreshed and checked in order.
Integrated TVS Surge Protection
Including 120 ohm matched resistance.
Basic Function
Support CAN2.0A(Standard) and CAN2.0BExpansion
CAN baud rate5K~1M, customized CAN baud rate.
CAN send and receive data with time tagcan show the receiving data in ordercan refresh data easily.
Data can be sent by single frame, multiple frames, manually, regularly, you can even set a certain time to send.
Enhanced Function
Response to data that received from a certain ID.
Can check CAN Bus status manually.
Can set to receive from the wanting ID directly, without setting filtering ID or shield ID.
4 working mode
1. Standard Mode: CAN communication
2. Loop Mode: Self testing, in this mode, the analyzer will send and receive data itself, and also send
data to CAN Bus.
3. Quiet Mode: Only use to monitor CAN Bus without influence.
4. Loop Quiet Mode: Warm testing
Data can be saved as TXT or Excel.
Baud rate of virtual COM port can also be modified, default baud rate over 1M, so don’t need to worry about
conversion efficiency.
Advanced function
o All customized setting saved automatically.
o Easy secondary developmentonly need to handle 1 command.
o Transparent Transition function
o Software supports English
https://www.seeedstudio.com/USB-CAN-Analyzer-p-2888.html 6-26-17
Technical Details
Weight G.W 179g
Battery Exclude