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fiJ TechTools .7 DigiViE“ (Typical ung- - Dov-Iopmem Baud n01 included)
DigiView™ DV518 Logic Analyzer
250/500 Msps, 1 Gsps, 18/9/4 Channel Logic Analyzer with Protocol Decoding and
Hardware Compression
Very Small Size:
The sturdy extruded aluminum case is only 2.8" wide,
3.4" long and ½" thick.
Flexible Spider Stand included:
Place the unit virtually anywhere. Flexible enough to place
directly where its needed.
DV518 Hardware Specifications
Sample Rate 250 Msps @ 18 ch
500 Msps @ 9 ch
1 Gsps @ 4 ch
Sample period
(ns) 4ns @ 1-18 ch
2ns @ 1-9 ch
1ns @ 1-4 ch
Channels 18
Channels per Cable Pod
(x Pods per unit ) 9 (x 2)
Threshold Circuits 1
Adjustable Threshold -4V to +4V
Threshold Accuracy +- 250mv
Trigger Output (BNC) No
Trigger position Selectable (0-100%)
Buffer Size Selectable (1-100%)
Internal Memory Yes, 128 Mbit internal Storage for Store & Forward
Real-time Compression Yes, Multi-mode (varies due to multiple compression techniques
implemented on the fly according to data characteristics)
Streaming Yes, (up to 100 Million Transitions)
Since we have real-time hardware-based compression, we measure captures in 'number of Transitions'
rather than ' number of samples.'
The number of samples captured varies with the data rate, but is always higher than the number of transitions
(#samples ~= #transitions * samplerate / datarate).
Typical Transitions captured (USB 3.0)
18ch@250Msps: 100M (@data rates up to 100MTps)
9ch@500Msps: 100M (@data rates up to 160MTps)
4ch@1Gsps: 100M (@data rates beyond full bandwidth)
Typical Transitions captured (USB 2.0)
18ch@250Msps: 100M (@data rates up to 10MTps)
9ch@500Msps: 100M (@data rates up to 14MTps)
4ch@1Gsps: 100M (@data rates up to 24MTps)
Guaranteed minimum transitions captured (with data rates > 10Tps):
(Ensured by the large store-and-forward buffer, even if the data rate far exceeds the USB bandwidth)
18ch@250Msps: 6 Million
9ch@500Msps: 8 Million
4ch@1Gsps: 10 Million
Typical Serial captures, USB2 or USB3 at full sample rate
Asynchronous 18 Million Characters
Synchronous 5 Million Characters
I²C 4 Million Characters
SPI 4 Million Characters
Trigger Circuitry
Operating speed (MHz) 250
Impedance 50KOhms // < 4pF
Power Source USB
Power (Idle / Active) <0.5 Watt / < 2.5W
Maximum voltage
(Continuous, all channels) +-20 Volts
Ground current Protection
(ground lead to +- voltage) Yes, +-12 Volts
Anti-static protection Yes
Connection Type, Speed USB 3.0 (SS) or USB 2.0 (High Speed)
Size (LxWxH) 3.4" x 2.8" x 0.5"
Materials Extruded Aluminum
Trigger Specifications:
Trigger Sequencers Configurable:
1@16 stages, OR 4@4 stages, OR 2@8 stages,
OR 1@8 and 2@4 stages,
OR 1@12 and 1@4 stages
Trigger Match Circuits 8 Universal Match Circuits. Each Circuit can be configured for any of the
Edge Detect (Full Channel Width - OR: rising, falling, either)
Patterns (Full Channel Width - AND: 0, 1, X)
Stable (Full Channel Width)
> , >=, <, <=, <> (Full Channel Width)
Match Duration Yes
- 1 per match circuit
- up to 1M samples each
Trigger Pass Count Yes (up to 1 Million per Sequencer stage)
Trigger Output Sources Seq 1, OR Seq 2, OR Seq 3, OR Seq4
OR (8 input sum-of-8 input products of all 8 match circuits)
Additional Details
Front View - DV518:
Channel Cable Connectors, Status LED, Power LED
Rear View - DV518:
Micro USB Connector (USB 3.0/2.0)
Cables & Clips Included:
High Quality, flexible, connectorized cables and a full set of micro-clips are included with each Logic Analyzer
Flexible Stand/Hanger included:
Place the unit virtually anywhere. Flexible enough to hang over a card riser or stand the unit in the middle of the
Device Under Test. Insulated to protect from electrical shorts.
Software Included:
Our professional Capture and Analysis Software is included with each Logic Analyzer
Model DV518 is one of our newest models in the DigiView DV5 series of Logic Analyzers. With a sample rate of 1
Gsps, the DV518 more than doubles the fastest sample speed of our DV3200. This new model has 14 times the
storage capacity, a larger threshold range, additional comression capabilities and USB SuperSpeed communication
for automatic switchover to streaming from Store & Forward. As with other DigiView models, the DV5 series still
features advanced trigger capabilities, inputs designed to handle ± 20 volts (continuous) and auto switching hardware
This latest addition continues to feature the durability of our DV3 series by having an aluminum case, static protection
and Ground current protection (ground lead to ± 12 volts). We also include high quality, connectorized channel cables
(Strand count > 60) with a micrograbber clip for each channel and ground connection.
Our professional Capture & Analysis software, cables and micro clips and flexible stand are included at no additional
Key Features:
Sampling Mode: 250/500 Msps / 1Gsps
Physical Channels: 18 / 9 / 4
Adjustable Threshold ( -4V to +4V)
Voltage tolerance range (+- 20 volts)
Multi-Mode, Intelligent Compression
Auto-resetting Ground current Protection
Extra ESD protection
Channels are Reverse-Voltage protected
Channels are Over-Voltage protected
Internal memory: 128 Mbit
Store & Forward + Streaming (auto)
USB 3.0 (SS) or USB 2.0 (High Speed)
USB powered
Requires Windows 7 (or greater) OS
Ships with DigiView version 9.0 Software
Product Summary:
TechTools DigiView DV518 Logic Analyzer
DV518 Contents:
Analyzer, Channel Cables, USB Cable, Micro grabber Clips and Software CD
Professional USB Logic Analyzer and Protocol Analyzer with three sample modes: 250 Msps @ 18 Channels, 500
Msps @ 9 Channels or 1 Gsps @ 4 Channels. DV518 offers more features and a better price than traditional stand-
alone units or comparable PC based units.
Manufactured By:
TechTools, Rowlett, Texas, U.S.A.

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