450A,Dyyy(KSDy,F8,PR16) Datasheet by CTS Electrocomponents

CTS 450 "STOCK POT" SERIES Features - Off the shelf availability - Choice of linear or 10% logarithmic tapers - Wide resistance range - Available with three molded plugain shaft styles: knurled 81 slotted, flatted or round. - Economical in limited volume applications. Electrical and Mechanical Specifications Resistance Range 500 ohms through 500K ohms Resistance Tolerance : 20% Power Rating, Watts Through 10K ohms, ‘/2 watt; above 10K ohms through 100K ohms, Va watt; above 100K ohms, Va watt Voltage Rating: Bushing to terminals: High pot test, one minute . 1080 VAC Shatt lntormation Diameter: .250” (Dia. over knurl .240" - .246”) Angle ot Rotation Total Rotation: 300 degrees, : 5% Effective Rotation approximately 300 degrees Bushing lntormation Material: Diecast zinc Diameter: ElA std. W-SZ UNEF—ZA thread Length: ‘/a” :%a" Terminal Information Solder lug, formed to rear Locating Lug Left Side, terminals down 450 ”Stock Pot” ordering information on next page. 33
CTS Ifillfi , \e >231“ ., L01: we m 1 ms ‘ new: MTG. suave; l ‘Ellril/Z UNEFZA VNRD. Ynez - ‘ nsz grim :ma (5‘ U l\. 'l rm , w 7 i /ELEARANCE FUN BUSHING PANEL PIEREING BEN Tm : um Plug-In Shafts Three popular shaft styles (8 choices) are available with trim selections including screwdriver slot (.023" wide x1162" deep), fiat (.156” wide x ‘1” long) or full round. This wide selection generally eliminates The need for cutting or modification. 450 SERIES “STOCK-POT” STANDARD PART NUMBER 450 D103 KSM :l‘ OHMS 500 1K 2.5K 5K 10K 25K 50K lGOK 250K 500K LOG A LINEAR TAPER on D TAPER u Dsm A102 D102 A252 D252 A502 0502 AI a: D103 A253 0255 A503 D503 Al N DI m A254 D254 MN D50: SHAFT nETAiL SHAFT LENGTH ms TRTM Ksm ll2‘ SD SLOT Kses 314' SD SLOT KSD7 7/8' SD SLOT Ksno 1' SD SLOT Fe 1' FLAT Para 2' ROUND 34