Shopping Cart Enhancements


The Digi-Key shopping cart page has been enhanced with a number of new features.

Remove Functionality

Line items can now be removed directly on the cart by clicking the Remove icon next to the line items index number.

Remove Part


A thumbnail image of the line item is now visible on the cart. When an image is hovered a larger version of the image will display.

Image Thumbnail

Inline Editing

The Quantity and Customer Reference fields are now editable on the cart. To edit one of these fields simply click into the field, make your desired edit, and finally hit enter or leave the field. The line will be updated and saved automatically. During an edit of a quantity the pricing table for the product will display.

Edit Quantity and Customer Reference Fields

Share Cart

A cart can now be shared by anyone with anyone. At the bottom of the cart a button named "Share Cart" will open a modal containing a link that can be copied. This link will create a new cart containing the same products, quantities and customer references for anyone who opens it. No other attributes of the original cart will be shared.

Share Cart

Share Cart