Search Accelerator


A new browser resource is now available from Digi-Key. The Digi-Key Search Accelerator gives you access to Digi-Key’s part search anywhere on the web.

To access the accelerator, simply highlight text anywhere and right click to view the context menu. Next, hover over the Search Digi-Key section of the context menu.

Search Highlight Text

The top three results will display with product availability and price information as well as access to datasheets. If more than three results exist, access to the complete results will display underneath the table and will open in a new tab.

Search Product Availability

In the case the highlighted text only provides a single result, the accelerator will display the product with expanded pricing information.

Search Single Product

If downloaded for the Chrome browser the Digi-Key Search Accelerator will open as a small window.

Search Chrome Browser

The Digi-Key Search Accelerator is available for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome browsers. It can be downloaded on the Digi-Key Browser Resources Page.