Range Search Filters


Range Filtering

On select parametric filters, range filtering has been added to allow searching on minimum and maximum values. This would only appear on search filters where there are more than ten possible selections. The remaining results will update and change the values.

Range Filters    Range Filters

Selections can still be made by clicking and dragging within the field. Once you start making selections, the Min and Max fields will be disabled. Enable the fields by clicking on the Clear link.

Range Filters

The same selection can be made by entering in the numbers into the Min and Max field. Similar as described above, once values are entered in the fields the list box of possible values will be disabled. The values can be changed before applying the selections.

Range Filters

You can also enter only a minimum or maximum value. For example, if four is entered in the Max field all values below four will be selected without having to enter a minimum value.

Range Filters

When entering invalid numbers, like the example below, the Apply Filters button will be disabled as there are no results remaining. Simply clear the selection and start again.

Range Filters

When units of measure exist on a parameter you can select a unit if multiples exist. The unit of measure will apply to both the Min and Max fields. This will allow you to enter in values in the units you have existing without the need to convert them.

Range Filters