Price and Availability Tool


Registered and Non-registered users will now have access to the new Price and Availability tool.

The Price and Availability tool allows you to check pricing and availability for a list of products with up to three quantities per line item. Lists can be downloaded or moved directly into a cart for purchase.

A link to this new tool will be available in the Resources drop-down menu in the header.

Image of Resources dropdown menu

Clicking this link will take you to the upload page, where you will have three different options for adding parts to your Price and Availability list.

You can use Bulk Add:

Image of Bulk Add feature

Manual Entry:

Image of Manual Entry feature

Or Upload a file:

Image of the Upload a file feature

If you use the upload a file option, you will be taken to the mapping page where you will need to map at least a part number and one quantity to continue to the part list page.

Image of the mapping page

You will then get the price and availability for the quantities you entered on the part list page broken into the appropriate packaging options.

Image of the list view

You will also be able to change packaging types on products when there is more than one available.

Image of how to change package types

Using the check boxes on the left-hand side of each line item you can choose lines to delete.

Image of how to choose which lines to delete

At the bottom of the parts list, you will also have the option to add another part to the list using manual entry.

Image of option to add another part

Clicking the Edit icon next to a part number will give you the ability to change to a different part number while maintaining the same quantities and customer reference as the original part number.

Image of Edit icon

You will also have to ability to download your parts list by using the download button at the top or bottom of the list. Clicking that will open a modal window that will allow you to choose what format you want to download the information in as well as what pieces of information you would like to have included.

Image of ability to download your parts list

You can also add your selected quantities to your cart by clicking the Add Selections to Cart button at the top or bottom of the list. This will open a modal window that allows you to either add the parts to your current cart, or create a new cart with just your selected quantities.

Image of the Add Selections to Cart button