Part Search Additions


A number of features have been added to the product index and filtering pages along with some updated styling.

Jump To

A "Jump To" menu has been added to the left side of the product index that will allow you to quickly navigate to a product category. This feature will follow your scroll down the page.

Jump To Menu

Search Within Results

A search within feature has been added to both the index and filter pages. This will allow you to apply search terms at any point during browsing to limit the remaining results.

Search Within Results

Remaining Results

As you select filters, the number of results remaining will display next to the total results as well as the "Apply Filters" button.

Remaining Results

Reset Filter

All applied filters will display in a horizontal listing beneath the filters. Clicking on the label or the X icon will reset that filter and return the results that it had excluded.

Reset Filters

Quantity Filter

The quantity filter has moved to the top of the results table above the unit price column. Enter a quantity in the field to view the unit price for all products in the table at that quantity. Any products that cannot be purchased at the entered quantity (due to minimum order quantities) will be pushed to the bottom of the results.

Unit Price Quantity 1Unit Price Quantity 100


The compare feature can now be activated from any point while browsing a table of results. Once two or more products have been selected, the compare button will appear near the bottom left corner of your browser.

Compare Selected Parts