New Help Icons and Compare Parts Feature


New Help Icons

New help icons will be located on the Digi-Key website. Small question mark icons will appear on our part search results and part detail pages. These will remove most of our help links and will now launch a popup, also know as a modal window, describing the feature or attribute it is next to. This update also includes refined descriptions for the different packaging types. There are two types we have added descriptions to which are Tape & Box and Tray. The top seven packaging types on our site will now have their own modal window (popup) which will cover about 98% of the parts with packaging types.

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Compare Parts Feature

On the Part Search results page, there is a compare feature in the first column on the left side. This will allow people to compare any number of parts simply by selecting the check box and hitting the Compare Selected button on the bottom left corner of the table. Once you are on the compare page, a person can remove individual parts and hide/show shared attributes.

Compare Parts Compare Parts Page