Here is the Mechanical Keyboard You’ve Been Dreaming About

To most of us, a keyboard is a keyboard. They generally tend to be black, come attached to the computer we are assigned to or purchased, and are relatively boring. You can buy keyboards with different key configurations and sizes if you care to look for them, but most of us don’t. Most of us accept our keyboard fates and plod along with whatever we are given. However, some folks have higher expectations for their keyboards. For those folks, this glorious (inside and out!) DIY mechanical keyboard is something only dreams are made of!

The keyboard, which he [Matthew Cordier—maker] is calling z.48, is based around the Arduino Pro Micro running a firmware generated on, and features some absolutely fantastic hand-wiring. No PCBs here, just a rainbow assortment of wire and the patience of a Buddhist monk. The particularly attentive reader may notice that [Matthew] used his soldering iron to melt away the insulation on his wires where they meet up with the keys, giving the final wiring job a very clean look.

To learn more about his fantastic build, click here to head over to Hackaday for the full story!

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