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With the Digi-Key BOM Manager, you can now import your Bill of Materials, name and save your BOMs, and choose how to share your designs within your company.

You can also view your existing Digi-Key quotes online, create new quotes, and place orders off of all your quotes with the click of a button. Ordering from Digi-Key has never been easier!

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What is the BOM Manager?   Main Features:   Assembly and Kit Functionality

Digi-Key's BOM Manager is a web based tool that allows users to quickly and easily:

  • Create and Save Bills of Material During and After Design
  • Explode Design BOM's to Quickly Obtain Expanded Quantities and Multiple Price Breaks
  • Upload Parts List to get Stock Info
  • Obtain ROHS Compliance
  • Download to Desktop Quotes
  • Place Orders
  • Ease of Import and Export of BOM Data in Excel Format for Upload
  • Ability to do "What If" Scenarios
  • Obtain Timely Cost Estimates
  • Obtain Availability/Lead-Time

With Digi-Key's BOM Manager, you can create and save your BOM with the correct part ratios and then easily multiply by number of assemblies during the ordering process.

Are you creating multiple boards? Would you like all of the pieces to come packaged together? Not a problem. You can create a Single Kit to package all of your kits together or a Multi Kit to package each kit separately.

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