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MMA-121633-R5 Evaluation Boards

Microwave Technology Inc. MMA-121633-R5EV

Supplier: Microwave Technology Inc.

Subtitle: MMA-121633-R5EV and MMA-121633-R5EVB Evaluation Boards for the MMA-121633-R5 12.5-15.5GHz, 2W Power Amplifier
Description: The MMA-121633 is a GaAs MMIC linear power amplifier with 2-Watt output power and high gain over full 12.5 to 15.5GHz frequency range. This amplifier was optimally designed for high linearity applications at 5dB back-off from P-1 condition.

Category: RF, WirelessRF, IFEvaluation, Development Kits, Boards

MMA-174321-R4 Evaluation Boards

Microwave Technology Inc. MMA-174321-R4EVB

Supplier: Microwave Technology Inc.

Subtitle: MMA-174321-R4EV and MMA-174321-R4EVB Evaluation Boards for the MMA-174321-R4, 17-43GHz, 0.1W Gain Block
Description: The MMA-174321 is a broadband GaAs MMIC general purpose gain block for 0.1-Watt maximum output power and high gain over full 17 to 43GHz frequency range. This amplifier is able to use as 2x and 3x Frequency multipliers when biased under class-B condition for the first stage.

Category: RF, WirelessRF, IFEvaluation, Development Kits, Boards

MMA-445933H-02 Evaluation Boards

Microwave Technology Inc. MMA-445933H-02EV

Supplier: Microwave Technology Inc.

Subtitle: MMA-445933H-02EV and MMA-445933H-02EVB Evaluation Boards for the MMA-445933H-02, 4.4 - 5.9GHZ 2W High Efficiency Linear Power Amplifier
Description: The MMA-445933H-02 is a power amplifier with the State-of -the-Art linear power-added-efficiency between 4.4 GHz and 5.9 GHz frequency band. Based on advanced robust HFET device technology, the linearity of this power amplifier is 26 dBm linear power at 2.0% EVM and achieves an ACPR better than -...

Category: RF, WirelessRF, IFEvaluation, Development Kits, Boards