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Amphenol Sine Systems Corp (131)

Amphenol Spectra-Strip (7)

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Assmann WSW Components (126)

AVX Corporation (36)

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Chip Quik Inc. (5)

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Cinch Connectivity Solutions Vitelec (8)

CNC Tech (54)

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CUI Inc. (21)

Curtis Industries (20)

CW Industries (30)

Daburn Electronics (9)

Datawave LLC (3)

Davies Molding, LLC (2)

Delta Electronics (17)

DFRobot (3)

Digi International (11)

Digital Six Labs (2)

E-Z-Hook (5)

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EDAC Inc. (58)


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Harwin Inc. (107)

HellermannTyton (93)

Hirose Electric Co Ltd (515)

HMS Industrial Networks Inc. (2)

IDEC (1)

Industrial Fiberoptics (5)

Inventus Power (1)

IO Audio Technologies (20)

ITT Cannon, LLC (88)

JAE Electronics (155)

JKL Components Corp. (2)

Jonard Tools (8)

JST Sales America Inc. (162)

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Klein Tools, Inc. (7)

KSM Electronics Inc. (1)

Kyocera International Inc. Electronic Components (25)

L3 Narda-MITEQ (2)

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EH TQG Series

Supplier: Switchcraft Inc.

Subtitle: Push-Pull, Panel Mount, Flange, Circular Connectors

Category: Interconnect, WireConnectorsCircular ConnectorsConnectors

EN2™ Series

Switchcraft Inc. EN2P2F20

Supplier: Switchcraft Inc.

Subtitle: EN2™ Sealed Cord and Panel Weathertight Circular Connectors
Description: EN2™ connectors are available for up to 2-3 for #20 pins/sockets, 4 for #22 pins/sockets and 5-7 for #26 pins/sockets in the same housing size, bayonet locking, cable end and panel mount. Meets enclosure rating IP68 and NEMA 250.

Category: Interconnect, WireConnectorsCircular ConnectorsConnectors

EN3® Series

Switchcraft Inc. EN3P2MX

Supplier: Switchcraft Inc.

Subtitle: Bayonet Lock, Free Hanging and Panel Mount, Bulkhead IP66/68 Circular Connectors
Description: EN3® weathertight connectors have no grommets. Cable clamp assembly features living hinges, which snap easily onto and holds the cable.

Category: Interconnect, WireConnectorsCircular ConnectorsConnectors

HPC Series

Switchcraft Inc. HPCP41F

Supplier: Switchcraft Inc.

Subtitle: Latch Lock, Push-Pull, Free Hanging (In-Line), IP25 Circular Connectors

Category: Interconnect, WireConnectorsCircular ConnectorsConnectors

HS Series Dura-Pull™

Switchcraft Inc. HS2C4M20C

Supplier: Switchcraft Inc.

Subtitle: Push-Pull, Free Hanging and Panel Mount, Dust Tight, Water Resistant, Waterproof Circular Connectors
Description: The HS Series Dura-Pull™ durable nickel plated brass housing is sealed to IP68 and the push-pull locking mechanism is easy to operate while eliminating accidental disconnection.

Category: Interconnect, WireConnectorsCircular ConnectorsConnectors

Locking DIN Cable Mount

Switchcraft Inc. 12CL5MX

Supplier: Switchcraft Inc.

Subtitle: Rotary-Lock Free Hanging (In-Line) Circular Connectors
Description: Male plug with ground key-rib. Unique 30° turn lockring securely fastens two halves of connector. Mates with lock flange female connectors and receptacles. Insert screw holds insert assembly in shell and also retains lockring on shell. Flexible black strain relief with 7/32" diameter cable entry....

Category: Interconnect, WireConnectorsCircular ConnectorsConnectors

Nano-Mizer® Series

Switchcraft Inc. Nano-Mizer® Series

Supplier: Switchcraft Inc.

Subtitle: Snap-In, Threaded, Panel Mount, Through Hole, IP67/68 - Dust Tight, Waterproof Circular Connectors

Category: Interconnect, WireConnectorsCircular ConnectorsConnectors

Q-G® A Series

Switchcraft Inc. A3FBX

Supplier: Switchcraft Inc.

Subtitle: Latch Lock, Holder Free Hanging Circular Connectors
Description: Professional XLR products for microphone cables, snakes, I/O panels and other pro audio gear.

Category: Interconnect, WireConnectorsCircular ConnectorsConnectors

Q-G® AA Series

Switchcraft Inc. AA3F

Supplier: Switchcraft Inc.

Subtitle: Free Hanging (In-Line) Circular Connectors
Description: QG® connectors feature unsurpassed durability with high performance inserts in traditional Switchcraft® green or black.

Category: Interconnect, WireConnectorsCircular ConnectorsConnectors

Q-G® AAA Series

Switchcraft Inc. AAA3MPZ

Supplier: Switchcraft Inc.

Subtitle: Latch Lock Free Hanging (In-Line) Circular Connectors
Description: AAA Series XLR connectors feature a two piece design with integral strain relief for quick assembly. The pin insert is pre-loaded into the front shell, further reducing assembly time. A flat area on the handle is designed to accommodate custom labeling options.

Category: Interconnect, WireConnectorsCircular ConnectorsConnectors