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Clock Generators

Abracon LLC ABMJB-902-Q42USY-T5

Supplier: Abracon LLC

Subtitle: Abracon's timing products for Clock Generators
Description: Abracon’s frequency translators are ideally suited to improve jitter characteristics of an input signal. These devices are designed to provide input clock smoothing, while providing phase and frequency locked higher frequency translated outputs.

Category: Semiconductors, Development ToolsClock, TimingClock Generators, PLLs, Frequency Synthesizers< 100MHz

Serial Address

Abracon LLC Serial Address

Supplier: Abracon LLC

Subtitle: Abracon's ultra low power timing products for Real Time Clocks
Description: Abracon Corporation redefines the meaning of ultra-low power semiconductors by announcing the immediate availability of the world’s lowest power Real Time Clock and Real Time Clock with Integrated Power Management families. With power requirements almost 10X lower than any other industry RTC (as ...

Category: Semiconductors, Development ToolsClock, TimingReal Time Clocks (RTC)Serial Address

PCl Express (PCle)

Abracon LLC PCl Express (PCle)

Supplier: Abracon LLC

Subtitle: Abracon Corporation's Timing Solutions for PCl Express Applications
Description: Abracon’s Pure Silicon™ SMD clock generators are based on high performance MEMS technology. These clock generators meet PCIe Gen1, Gen2 and Gen3 specs and have mixed output formats available. Low power consumption makes these parts ideal for a wide variety of applications, such as solid state sto...

Category: Semiconductors, Development ToolsClock, TimingApplication SpecificPCI Express (PCIe)