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SIM-030ST and SIM-040ST Series

Rohm Semiconductor SIM-030ST and SIM-040ST Series

Supplier: Rohm Semiconductor

Subtitle: Surface Mount High Output Infrared LEDs
Description: Thin, compact, high power package contributes to smaller proximity sensors. The units are ideal for wide range of applications, including proximity sensors requiring high output over a narrow angle.

Category: OptoelectronicsInfrared EmittersSurface Mount

SIM-20ST and SIM-22ST

Rohm Semiconductor SIM-20ST

Supplier: Rohm Semiconductor

Subtitle: Infrared Light Emitting Diode, Side View Type

Category: OptoelectronicsInfrared EmittersThrough Hole


Rohm Semiconductor SIR-34ST3F

Supplier: Rohm Semiconductor

Subtitle: Infrared light emitting diode, top view type
Description: These parts are a GaAs infrared light emitting diode in a clear plastic.

Category: OptoelectronicsInfrared EmittersThrough Hole