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XP Series
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XP Series

XP Series UV LEDs

RayVio Corporation

Highest UV power for disinfection, sterilization and phototherapy. UV Power from the XP Series enables compact, portable, and battery-operated devices that can meet demanding water, air and surface disinfection requirements and deliver professional medical or phototherapy solutions. RayVio XP Series UV LEDs deliver high-power and high-density UV light with peak spectral wavelength outputs of 280nm and 310nm.

  • Current - DC Forward (If) (Max):200mA
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Operating Temperature:80°C (TJ)
  • Orientation:Top View
  • Packaging:Tray
  • Type:Ultraviolet (UV)
  • Viewing Angle:120°
  • Voltage - Forward (Vf) (Typ):6.5V ~ 26V
  • Wavelength:280nm

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RVXP1-280-SB-075408RVXP1-280-SB-075408EMITTER UV 280NM 200MA 18MW STARUltraviolet (UV)200mA-280nmStar Array
RVXP4-280-SB-076232RVXP4-280-SB-076232EMITTER UV 280NM 200MA 40MW STARUltraviolet (UV)200mA-280nmStar Array
RVXP4-280-SB-077132RVXP4-280-SB-077132EMITTER UV 280NM 200MA 70MW STARUltraviolet (UV)200mA-280nmStar Array
RVXP1-280-SM-074908RVXP1-280-SM-074908EMITTER UV 280NM 200MA 14MW SMD Ultraviolet (UV)200mA-280nm2-SMD, No Lead Exposed Pad
RVXP1-280-SM-075408RVXP1-280-SM-075408EMITTER UV 280NM 200MA 18MW SMD Ultraviolet (UV)200mA-280nm2-SMD, No Lead Exposed Pad
RVXP1-280-SM-075708RVXP1-280-SM-075708EMITTER UV 280NM 200MA 24MW SMD Ultraviolet (UV)200mA-280nm2-SMD, No Lead Exposed Pad
RVXP4-280-SM-076232RVXP4-280-SM-076232EMITTER UV 280NM 200MA 40MW SMD Ultraviolet (UV)200mA-280nm2-SMD, No Lead Exposed Pad
RVXP4-280-SM-076532RVXP4-280-SM-076532EMITTER UV 280NM 200MA 50MW SMD Ultraviolet (UV)200mA-280nm2-SMD, No Lead Exposed Pad
RVXP4-280-SB-076532RVXP4-280-SB-076532EMITTER UV 280NM 200MA 50MW STARUltraviolet (UV)200mA-280nmStar Array
RVXP4-280-SM-076832RVXP4-280-SM-076832EMITTER UV 280NM 200MA 60MW SMD Ultraviolet (UV)200mA-280nm2-SMD, No Lead Exposed Pad
RVXP4-280-SB-076832RVXP4-280-SB-076832EMITTER UV 280NM 200MA 60MW STARUltraviolet (UV)200mA-280nmStar Array
RVXP4-280-SM-077132RVXP4-280-SM-077132EMITTER UV 280NM 200MA 70MW SMD Ultraviolet (UV)200mA-280nm2-SMD, No Lead Exposed Pad

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