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LMB Heeger Inc.
Tite-Fit Series
LMB Heeger Inc.
Uni-Cab Series
LMB Heeger Inc.
Uni-Pac Series
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Uni-Cab Series

Universal Aluminum Cabinet Systems

LMB Heeger Inc.

The Uni-Cab desktop cabinets have the same high quality, precise engineering, and exacting standards as the Uni-Pac line.

  • Pem nuts used throughout for longer life and ease of assembly and disassembly
  • Sloping front panel
  • Color:Blue, White
  • Container Type:Cabinet
  • Design:Slanted Top
  • Features:Separate Panel or Cover Thickness
  • Material:Metal, Aluminum
  • Shipping Info:Shipped from Digi-Key
  • Thickness:0.090" (2.29mm)

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UNC 4-12-10-BLUE/WHITEUNC 4-12-10-BLUE/WHITECABINET ALUM BLU/WHI 10"L X 12"WCabinet10.000" L x 12.000" W (254.00mm x 304.80mm)4.000" (101.60mm)120in² (774cm²)RoHS
UNC 2-4-6-BLUE/WHITEUNC 2-4-6-BLUE/WHITECABINET ALUM BLU/WHI 6"L X 4"W Cabinet6.000" L x 4.000" W (152.40mm x 101.60mm)2.000" (50.80mm)24.0in² (155cm²)
UNC 3 1/2-6-7-BLUE/WHITEUNC 3 1/2-6-7-BLUE/WHITECABINET ALUM BLU/WHI 7"L X 6"W Cabinet7.000" L x 6.000" W (177.80mm x 152.40mm)3.500" (88.90mm)42.0in² (271cm²)
UNC 4-6-10-BLUE/WHITEUNC 4-6-10-BLUE/WHITECABINET ALUM BLU/WHI 10"L X 6"W Cabinet10.000" L x 6.000" W (254.00mm x 152.40mm)4.000" (101.60mm)60.0in² (387cm²)RoHS
UNC 3-10-10-BLUE/WHITEUNC 3-10-10-BLUE/WHITECABINET ALUM BLU/WHI 10"L X 10"WCabinet10.000" L x 10.000" W (254.00mm x 254.00mm)3.000" (76.20mm)100in² (645cm²)RoHS
UNC 1 3/4-5-5-BLUE/WHITEUNC 1 3/4-5-5-BLUE/WHITECABINET ALUM BLU/WHI 5"L X 5"W Cabinet5.000" L x 5.000" W (127.00mm x 127.00mm)1.750" (44.45mm)25.0in² (161cm²)RoHS
UNC 3-7-5-BLUE/WHITEUNC 3-7-5-BLUE/WHITECABINET ALUM BLU/WHI 5"L X 7"W Cabinet5.000" L x 7.000" W (127.00mm x 177.80mm)3.000" (76.20mm)35.0in² (226cm²)
UNC 5-6-6-BLUE/WHITEUNC 5-6-6-BLUE/WHITECABINET ALUM BLU/WHI 6"L X 6"W Cabinet6.000" L x 6.000" W (152.40mm x 152.40mm)5.000" (127.00mm)36.0in² (232cm²)RoHS
UNC 2 3/4-6-6-BLUE/WHITEUNC 2 3/4-6-6-BLUE/WHITECABINET ALUM BLU/WHI 6"L X 6"W Cabinet6.000" L x 6.000" W (152.40mm x 152.40mm)2.750" (69.85mm)36.0in² (232cm²)RoHS

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