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Daburn Electronics
Rubber Kinkless Test Lead Wires
Daburn Electronics
Stranded Hook-Up Wire, FEP
Daburn Electronics
Stranded Hook-Up Wire, PTFE Insulation

Stranded Hook-Up Wire, FEP

Stranded, Test Lead, Single Conductor Cables

Daburn Electronics

Ultra flexible high strand count bare copper conductor insulated with a 3.5 mil wall of non-hygroscopic fluoropolymer (FEP). Used for critical physiological and medical applications where small diameters, long flex life, and non toxic insulations are of primary consideration. It’s designed for long usage in flow probes and pressure measuring instruments. It also withstands severe, repeated flexing in very high and low temperatures.

  • Cable Type:Test Lead
  • Conductor Material:Copper, Bare
  • Jacket (Insulation) Material:Fluorinated Ethylene-Propylene (FEP)
  • Jacket (Insulation) Thickness:0.0035" (0.089mm)
  • Operating Temperature:-150°C ~ 150°C
  • Voltage:150V
  • Wire Gauge:28 AWG ~ 42 AWG

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2420/30 BK-10002420/30 BK-1000TEST LEAD 30AWG 150V BLACK 500' Test Lead30 AWG41/46Copper, BareRoHS
2420/36 RD-1002420/36 RD-100TEST LEAD 36AWG 150V RED 100' Test Lead36 AWG26/50Copper, BareRoHS
2420/36 YL-1002420/36 YL-100TEST LEAD 36AWG 150V YELLOW 100'Test Lead36 AWG26/50Copper, BareRoHS
2420/36 BK-1002420/36 BK-100TEST LEAD 36AWG 150V BLACK 100' Test Lead36 AWG26/50Copper, BareRoHS
2420/36 WH-1002420/36 WH-100TEST LEAD 36AWG 150V WHITE 100' Test Lead36 AWG26/50Copper, BareRoHS
2420/42 YL-1002420/42 YL-100TEST LEAD 42AWG 150V YELLOW 100'Test Lead42 AWG7/50Copper, BareRoHS
2420/42 BK-1002420/42 BK-100TEST LEAD 42AWG 150V BLACK 100' Test Lead42 AWG7/50Copper, BareRoHS
2420/42 RD-1002420/42 RD-100TEST LEAD 42AWG 150V RED 100' Test Lead42 AWG7/50Copper, BareRoHS
2420/42 WH-1002420/42 WH-100TEST LEAD 42AWG 150V WHITE 100' Test Lead42 AWG7/50Copper, BareRoHS
2420/30 RD-10002420/30 RD-1000TEST LEAD 30AWG 150V RED 1000' Test Lead30 AWG41/46Copper, BareRoHS
2420/32 WH-10002420/32 WH-1000TEST LEAD 32AWG 150V WHITE 1000'Test Lead32 AWG65/50Copper, BareRoHS
2420/38 WH-10002420/38 WH-1000TEST LEAD 38AWG 150V WHITE 1000'Test Lead38 AWG17/50Copper, BareRoHS
2420/28 BK-10002420/28 BK-1000TEST LEAD 28AWG 150V BLACK 1000'Test Lead28 AWG65/46Copper, BareRoHS
2420/28 GY-10002420/28 GY-1000TEST LEAD 28AWG 150V GRAY 1000' Test Lead28 AWG65/46Copper, BareRoHS
2420/28 BK-1002420/28 BK-100TEST LEAD 28AWG 150V BLACK 100' Test Lead28 AWG65/46Copper, BareRoHS
2420/32 BK-10002420/32 BK-1000TEST LEAD 32AWG 150V BLACK 1000'Test Lead32 AWG65/50Copper, BareRoHS

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