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Spartan Series

Spartan Electronic Pliers

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The Spartan series' ESD safe pliers are forged from high chromium, high carbon steel and feature leaf springs spot welded for durability and reliability.

Product Description

The Spartans of ancient Greece enjoyed a well earned reputation for strength, endurance and frugality. These qualities are embodied in the Spartan Series Tools from Swanstrom Tools USA. Designed to maximize performance by utilizing top grade materials and engineering excellence; Spartan Tools are a sensible choice in today’s economy.

  • Tip - Shape:Straight
  • Tip - Type:Long Nose
  • Tool Type:Electronics
325325PLIERS ELEC LONG NOSE 5" ElectronicsLong NoseStraightSerratedRoHS
351351PLIERS COMBO FLAT NOSE 6" ElectronicsLong NoseStraightSerratedRoHS
324324PLIERS ELEC LONG NOSE 5" ElectronicsLong NoseStraightSmoothRoHS
631631PLIERS ELEC LONG NOSE 6" ElectronicsLong NoseStraight-RoHS