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Multi-Touch Control Wheel T201-DEV1
Adafruit Industries LLC
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Multi-Touch Control Wheel T201-DEV1

Multi-Touch Control Wheel with Grayhill Instinct Technology

The Multi-Touch Control Wheel can replace touchscreens, keypads, trackballs and switches.

Product Description

Finger gestures are a popular means of controlling contemporary electronic devices. Instinctive, memorable movements provide a variety of commands… all without the fingers leaving the touchpad. Grayhill’s Instinct technology tracks up to five finger touches at a time. The Multi-Touch Control Wheel combines the multi-touch touchpad with a circular groove to offer even more functionality. Touching the North, South, East or West points in the groove can be interpreted as joystick switch inputs.

Grayhill Instinct is a set of multi-touch gesture recognition software tools that, when integrated with Grayhill multi-touch components, creates more intuitive human interface solutions.

An intuitive, easy to use interface improves operator productivity. The Instinct technology enables an operator’s thoughts to be seamlessly communicated to the device. This allows faster interaction without needing to take eyes off of the screen. For the operator, it makes controlling a machine easier to manage. And unlike touch screens, the display is left clean and unblocked. Plus, ergonomics are improved by consolidating all controls within easy reach.

Simplicity in use and device design, the Multi-Touch Control Wheel can replace touchscreens, keypads, trackballs and switches. This makes for clean design and cuts costs of manufacturing. The MTCW increases the engineer’s flexibility in building functionality into any product, while reducing front panel size and complexity.

  • Grayhill Instinct™ Gesture Recognition
  • Four devices in one:
    • Multi-Touch touchpad
    • 4-256 position rotary encoder
    • 4 position (N, S, E, W) joystick
    • Proximity sensor
  • Impervious to cleaning solutions
  • Easy to integrate into any device
  • Rugged, scratch-resistant surface
  • Windows™ 7 compatible HID
  • Medical devices
  • Off-Highway vehicles
  • Gaming machines