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Cynergy 3
ITTU Series
Cynergy 3
IWTT Series
Cynergy 3
IWTTU Series
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IWTT Series

Industrial Wireless Temperature Transducer

Cynergy 3

The IWTT Wireless Temperature Transducer is a cost-effective replacement to a traditionally wired temperature transducer that offers the advantages of a low-cost installation in inaccessible and expensive installation environments. It is easily paired to the compatible IWR family of single- or five-channel wireless receivers thus offering a “plug and play” solution to your temperature measurement applications. The instrument uses either J or K type thermocouples or 3-wire RTD sensors fitted to an acetal housing giving excellent media compatibility for the harshest of applications. Compression fittings are available which allow the head to be orientated in the required direction. The IWTT sensor should be used with either an IWR-1 or IWR-5 receiver. A line-of-sight range of up to 750m is possible depending on the wireless receiver used.

  • Diameter - Protective Tube:6mm
  • Length - Protective Tube:100mm ~ 400mm
  • Terminal Type:Enclosed Terminals

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IWTTJ200AIWTTJ200ATEMP SENSOR WIFI J TYPE 6X200MM J - Type0 ~ 1200°C-Non-GroundedRoHS
IWTTJ300AIWTTJ300ATEMP SENSOR WIFI J TYPE 6X300MM J - Type0 ~ 1200°C-Non-GroundedRoHS
IWTTJ400AIWTTJ400ATEMP SENSOR WIFI J TYPE 6X400MM J - Type0 ~ 1200°C-Non-GroundedRoHS
IWTTK200AIWTTK200ATEMP SENSOR WIFI K TYPE 6X200MM K - Type0 ~ 1350°C-Non-GroundedRoHS
IWTTK150AIWTTK150ATEMP SENSOR WIFI K TYPE 6X150MM K - Type0 ~ 1350°C-Non-GroundedRoHS
IWTTK300AIWTTK300ATEMP SENSOR WIFI K TYPE 6X300MM K - Type0 ~ 1350°C-Non-GroundedRoHS
IWTTK400AIWTTK400ATEMP SENSOR WIFI K TYPE 6X400MM K - Type0 ~ 1350°C-Non-GroundedRoHS
IWTTP100AIWTTP100ATEMP SENSOR WIFI PT100 6X100MM 1Pt100-200°C ~ 850°C-3 Conductor SystemRoHS
IWTTP150AIWTTP150ATEMP SENSOR WIFI PT100 6X150MM 1Pt100-200°C ~ 850°C-3 Conductor SystemRoHS
IWTTP200AIWTTP200ATEMP SENSOR WIFI PT100 6X200MM 1Pt100-200°C ~ 850°C-3 Conductor SystemRoHS
IWTTP250AIWTTP250ATEMP SENSOR WIFI PT100 6X250MM 1Pt100-200°C ~ 850°C-3 Conductor SystemRoHS
IWTTP300AIWTTP300ATEMP SENSOR WIFI PT100 6X300MM 1Pt100-200°C ~ 850°C-3 Conductor SystemRoHS
IWTTP400AIWTTP400ATEMP SENSOR WIFI PT100 6X400MM 1Pt100-200°C ~ 850°C-3 Conductor SystemRoHS

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