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Amulet Technologies LLC
Graphic Display
Amulet Technologies LLC
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Graphic Display

Display Modules

Amulet Technologies LLC

Amulet’s monochrome display modules are the fastest route to production. All the parts to drive the LCD are built in, including Amulet’s revolutionary Graphical OS Chip™. A fully integrated, drop-in solution is ideal for OEMs when time to market is crucial and/or in-house design resources are limited.

Product Description

Amulet OnBoard™ (AOB) modules are fully integrated display solutions ready for production. The Graphical OS Chip™ and all the other parts to drive the LCD are mounted directly to the back of the display.

  • Monochrome Display
  • Integrated Touch Panel on some modules
  • Integrated Digital Backlight and Contrast Control
  • Royalty-FREE Operating System
  • Backlight:LED - White
  • Touchscreen:Resistive

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MK-AOB3202405NMK-AOB3202405NMODULE 5.7" ONBOARD NEG TRANSMSVFSTN - Film Super-Twisted NematicTransmissiveResistive5.7" (144.78mm)
MK-AOB3202405TMK-AOB3202405TMODULE 5.7" ONBOARD POS TRANSFLCFSTN - Film Super-Twisted NematicTransflectiveResistive5.7" (144.78mm)
MK-043RMK-043RKIT COLOR MODULE 480X272 TFT TFT - ColorTransmissiveResistive4.3" (109.22mm)

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