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FM Series Evaluation Modules

FM Series Master Development System and FM Series Evaluation Module

Linx Technologies Inc.

The FM Series GPS receiver module is a self-contained high-performance Global Positioning System receiver. Based on the MediaTek MT3339 chipset, it can simultaneously acquire on 66 channels and track on up to 22 channels. This gives the module fast lock times and high position accuracy even at low signal levels. The module’s exceptional sensitivity gives it superior performance, even in dense foliage and urban canyons. It’s very low power consumption helps maximize runtimes in battery powered applications. The module outputs standard NMEA data messages through a UART interface. These features make it easy to integrate, even by engineers without previous RF or GPS experience. The Linx FM Series GPS modules offer a simple, efficient and cost-effective method of adding GPS capabilities to any product.

Product Description

The evaluation module contains the surface mount FM Series GPS module, SMA connector and a ferrite bead (used to supply power to an external active antenna, such as the Linx SH Series active GPS antenna) on a single board with through-hole headers. This small board makes prototyping with the FM Series module very easy.

  • For Use With/Related Products:RXM-GPS-FM
  • Frequency:1575.42MHz
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s)
  • Type:GPS