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TDK Corporation
FD and MD Series
TDK Corporation
FHV Series
TDK Corporation
UHV Series

FHV Series

High Voltage, Low Dissipation Factor, General Purpose, Chassis Mount Ceramic Capacitors

TDK Corporation

TDK FHV Series high voltage ceramic capacitors feature low dissipation and excellent voltage-capacitance characteristics using patented strontium titanate for dielectric material. They are epoxy-encapsulated to meet requirement of high voltage applications.

  • High capacitance and excellent temperature characteristics
  • Excellent voltage-capacitance characteristics
  • Low-loss and low distortion factor
  • Metal screw terminals for easy mounting
  • Uses high-reliability mold resin
  • High voltage power supplies, laser equipment
  • Applications:General Purpose
  • Capacitance:700pF ~ 7000pF
  • Features:High Voltage, Low Dissipation Factor
  • Mounting Type:Requires Holder
  • Operating Temperature:-30°C ~ 85°C
  • Package / Case:Disk, Metal Fitting - Threaded
  • Temperature Coefficient:Y5S
  • Tolerance:±10%

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FHV-3ANFHV-3ANCAP CER 5200PF 20KV Y5S DISK Bulk5200pF±10%20000V (20kV)Disk, Metal Fitting - Threaded
FHV-12ANFHV-12ANCAP CER 2100PF 50KV Y5S DISK Bulk2100pF±10%50000V (50kV)Disk, Metal Fitting - Threaded
FHV-11ANFHV-11ANCAP CER 1300PF 50KV Y5S DISK Bulk1300pF±10%50000V (50kV)Disk, Metal Fitting - Threaded
FHV-5ANFHV-5ANCAP CER 2100PF 30KV Y5S DISK Bulk2100pF±10%30000V (30kV)Disk, Metal Fitting - Threaded
FHV-153ANFHV-153ANCAP CER 7000PF 15KV Y5S DISK Bulk7000pF±10%15000V (15kV)Disk, Metal Fitting - Threaded
FHV-2ANFHV-2ANCAP CER 3000PF 20KV Y5S DISK Bulk3000pF±10%20000V (20kV)Disk, Metal Fitting - Threaded
FHV-4ANFHV-4ANCAP CER 1200PF 30KV Y5S DISK Bulk1200pF±10%30000V (30kV)Disk, Metal Fitting - Threaded
FHV-8ANFHV-8ANCAP CER 1500PF 40KV Y5S DISK Bulk1500pF±10%40000V (40kV)Disk, Metal Fitting - Threaded
FHV-6ANFHV-6ANCAP CER 3500PF 30KV Y5S DISK Bulk3500pF±10%30000V (30kV)Disk, Metal Fitting - Threaded
FHV-1ANFHV-1ANCAP CER 1700PF 20KV Y5S DISK Bulk1700pF±10%20000V (20kV)Disk, Metal Fitting - Threaded
FHV-10ANFHV-10ANCAP CER 700PF 50KV Y5S DISK Bulk700pF±10%50000V (50kV)Disk, Metal Fitting - Threaded
FHV-7ANFHV-7ANCAP CER 850PF 40KV Y5S DISK Bulk850pF±10%40000V (40kV)Disk, Metal Fitting - Threaded
FHV-9ANFHV-9ANCAP CER 2600PF 40KV Y5S DISK Tray2600pF±10%40000V (40kV)Disk, Metal Fitting - Threaded

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