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F20 Series
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F20 Series

Temperature Protection for Coils and Windings


This thermostat operates as a thermal cutout. A thermally sensitive bimetal snap-element with single contacts either opens or closes an electrical circuit by switching at a pre-set response temperature. Reset follows automatically after a considerable drop in temperature.

Product Description

The F20 snap action bimetallic element will respond rapidly and accurately to changes in the temperature of the surface to which it is mounted or the air temperature in an enclosure. The single pole, single throw contacts can be configured as either normally open or normally closed, operating on rise in temperature. The average automatic reset will occur at a temperature approximately 20 - 25°C below the calibrated set point. The housing has been designed for demanding conditions such as high continuous temperatures and high voltage electrical isolation.

  • Small dimensions
  • Shock and vibration tested
  • Leadframe version
  • Tested for audio, video applications
  • Motors
  • Transformers
  • Coils
  • Electronics and Sensors
  • Current Rating - AC:1.6A (250V)
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Switching Cycles:7K
  • Tolerance:±9°F (±5°C)

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F20A07005ACFA06EF20A07005ACFA06ETHERMOSTAT 70 DEG C NC 2SIP SPST-NC158°F (70°C)104°F (40°C)1.6A (250V)Potted - Wire LeadsRoHS
F20A095053600060F20A095053600060THERM NC 95C LEAD FRAME 2SIP SPST-NC203°F (95°C)149°F (65°C)1.6A (250V)2-SIP, PottedRoHS
F20A075053600060F20A075053600060THERM NC 75C LEAD FRAME 2SIP SPST-NC167°F (75°C)113°F (45°C)1.6A (250V)2-SIP, PottedRoHS
F20A09505ACFA06EF20A09505ACFA06ETHERMOSTAT 95 DEG C NC 2SIP SPST-NC203°F (95°C)149°F (65°C)1.6A (250V)Potted - Wire LeadsRoHS
F20A100053600060F20A100053600060THERMOSTAT 100 DEG C NC 2SIP SPST-NC212°F (100°C)158°F (70°C)1.6A (250V)2-SIP, PottedRoHS
F20A11505ACFA06EF20A11505ACFA06ETHERMOSTAT 115 DEG C NC 2SIP SPST-NC240°F (115°C)185°F (85°C)1.6A (250V)Potted - Wire LeadsRoHS
F20A10505ACFA06EF20A10505ACFA06ETHERMOSTAT 105 DEG C NC 2SIP SPST-NC221°F (105°C)167°F (75°C)1.6A (250V)Potted - Wire LeadsRoHS
F20A09005ACFA06EF20A09005ACFA06ETHERMOSTAT 90 DEG C NC 2SIP SPST-NC194°F (90°C)140°F (60°C)1.6A (250V)Potted - Wire LeadsRoHS
F20A070053600060F20A070053600060THERM NC 70C LEAD FRAME 2SIP SPST-NC158°F (70°C)104°F (40°C)1.6A (250V)2-SIP, PottedRoHS
F20A080053600060F20A080053600060THERM NC 80C LEAD FRAME 2SIP SPST-NC176°F (80°C)122°F (50°C)1.6A (250V)2-SIP, PottedRoHS
F20A08505ACFA06EF20A08505ACFA06ETHERMOSTAT 85 DEG C NC 2SIP SPST-NC185°F (85°C)131°F (55°C)1.6A (250V)Potted - Wire LeadsRoHS
F20A07505ACFA06EF20A07505ACFA06ETHERMOSTAT 75 DEG C NC 2SIP SPST-NC167°F (75°C)113°F (45°C)1.6A (250V)Potted - Wire LeadsRoHS
F20A085053600060F20A085053600060THERM NC 85C LEAD FRAME 2SIP SPST-NC185°F (85°C)131°F (55°C)1.6A (250V)2-SIP, PottedRoHS
F20A08005ACFA06EF20A08005ACFA06ETHERMOSTAT 80 DEG C NC 2SIP SPST-NC176°F (80°C)122°F (50°C)1.6A (250V)Potted - Wire LeadsRoHS
F20A10005ACFA06EF20A10005ACFA06ETHERMOSTAT 100 DEG C NC 2SIP SPST-NC212°F (100°C)158°F (70°C)1.6A (250V)Potted - Wire LeadsRoHS
F20A12005ACFA06EF20A12005ACFA06ETHERMOSTAT 120 DEG C NC 2SIP SPST-NC248°F (120°C)194°F (90°C)1.6A (250V)Potted - Wire LeadsRoHS
F20A11005ACFA06EF20A11005ACFA06ETHERMOSTAT 110 DEG C NC 2SIP SPST-NC230°F (110°C)176°F (80°C)1.6A (250V)Potted - Wire LeadsRoHS
F20A090053600060F20A090053600060THERM NC 90C LEAD FRAME 2SIP SPST-NC194°F (90°C)140°F (60°C)1.6A (250V)2-SIP, PottedRoHS
F20A13505ACFA06EF20A13505ACFA06ETHERMOSTAT 135 DEG C NC 2SIP SPST-NC275°F (135°C)221°F (105°C)1.6A (250V)Potted - Wire LeadsRoHS
F20A070051ZA0060F20A070051ZA0060THERMOSTAT 70 DEG C NC 2SIP SPST-NC158°F (70°C)104°F (40°C)1.6A (250V)2-SIP, PottedRoHS
F20A14005ACFA06EF20A14005ACFA06ETHERMOSTAT 140 DEG C NC 2SIP SPST-NC284°F (140°C)230°F (110°C)1.6A (250V)Potted - Wire LeadsRoHS
F20A13005ACFA06EF20A13005ACFA06ETHERMOSTAT 130 DEG C NC 2SIP SPST-NC266°F (130°C)212°F (100°C)1.6A (250V)Potted - Wire LeadsRoHS
F20A16005DCFB06EF20A16005DCFB06ETHERMOSTAT 160 DEG C NC 2SIP SPST-NC320°F (160°C)266°F (130°C)1.6A (250V)Housed SensorRoHS
F20A15005DCFB06EF20A15005DCFB06ETHERMOSTAT 150 DEG C NC 2SIP SPST-NC302°F (150°C)248°F (120°C)1.6A (250V)Housed SensorRoHS
F20A12505ACFA06EF20A12505ACFA06ETHERMOSTAT 125 DEG C NC 2SIP SPST-NC257°F (125°C)203°F (95°C)1.6A (250V)Potted - Wire LeadsRoHS
F20A105053600060F20A105053600060THERMOSTAT 105 DEG C NC 2SIP SPST-NC221°F (105°C)167°F (75°C)1.6A (250V)2-SIP, PottedRoHS
F20A110053600060F20A110053600060THERM NC 110C LEAD FRAME 2SIP SPST-NC230°F (110°C)176°F (80°C)1.6A (250V)2-SIP, PottedRoHS
F20B08505ACFA06EF20B08505ACFA06ETHERMOSTAT 85 DEG C NO 2SIP SPST-NO185°F (85°C)131°F (55°C)1.6A (250V)Potted - Wire LeadsRoHS
F20B07005ACFA06EF20B07005ACFA06ETHERMOSTAT 70 DEG C NO 2SIP SPST-NO158°F (70°C)104°F (40°C)1.6A (250V)Potted - Wire LeadsRoHS
F20B10005ACFA06EF20B10005ACFA06ETHERMOSTAT 100 DEG C NO 2SIP SPST-NO212°F (100°C)158°F (70°C)1.6A (250V)Potted - Wire LeadsRoHS
F20B09005ACFA06EF20B09005ACFA06ETHERMOSTAT 90 DEG C NO 2SIP SPST-NO194°F (90°C)140°F (60°C)1.6A (250V)Potted - Wire LeadsRoHS
F20B08005ACFA06EF20B08005ACFA06ETHERMOSTAT 80 DEG C NO 2SIP SPST-NO176°F (80°C)122°F (50°C)1.6A (250V)Potted - Wire LeadsRoHS
F20B065053600060F20B065053600060THERM NO 65C LEAD FRAME 2SIP SPST-NO149°F (65°C)95°F (35°C)1.6A (250V)2-SIP, PottedRoHS
F20B095053600060F20B095053600060THERMOSTAT 95 DEG C 2SIP SPST-NO203°F (95°C)149°F (65°C)1.6A (250V)2-SIP, PottedRoHS
F20B100053600060F20B100053600060THERM NO 100C LEAD FRAME 2SIP SPST-NO212°F (100°C)158°F (70°C)1.6A (250V)2-SIP, PottedRoHS
F20B09505ACFA06EF20B09505ACFA06ETHERMOSTAT 95 DEG C NO 2SIP SPST-NO203°F (95°C)149°F (65°C)1.6A (250V)Potted - Wire LeadsRoHS
F20B110053600060F20B110053600060THERM NO 110C LEAD FRAME 2SIP SPST-NO230°F (110°C)176°F (80°C)1.6A (250V)2-SIP, PottedRoHS
F20B085053600060F20B085053600060THERM NO 85C LEAD FRAME 2SIP SPST-NO185°F (85°C)131°F (55°C)1.6A (250V)2-SIP, PottedRoHS
F20B070053600060F20B070053600060THERM NO 70C LEAD FRAME 2SIP SPST-NO158°F (70°C)104°F (40°C)1.6A (250V)2-SIP, PottedRoHS
F20B07505ACFA06EF20B07505ACFA06ETHERMOSTAT 75 DEG C NO 2SIP SPST-NO167°F (75°C)113°F (45°C)1.6A (250V)Potted - Wire LeadsRoHS
F20B14505ACFA06EF20B14505ACFA06ETHERMOSTAT 145 DEG C NO 2SIP SPST-NO293°F (145°C)240°F (115°C)1.6A (250V)Potted - Wire LeadsRoHS
F20B080053600060F20B080053600060THERM NO 80C LEAD FRAME 2SIP SPST-NO176°F (80°C)122°F (50°C)1.6A (250V)2-SIP, PottedRoHS
F20B12005ACFA06EF20B12005ACFA06ETHERMOSTAT 120 DEG C NO 2SIP SPST-NO248°F (120°C)194°F (90°C)1.6A (250V)Potted - Wire LeadsRoHS
F20B090053600060F20B090053600060THERM NO 90C LEAD FRAME 2SIP SPST-NO194°F (90°C)140°F (60°C)1.6A (250V)2-SIP, PottedRoHS

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