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CX Series

Circuit Breaker

Carling Technologies

The CX-Series circuit breaker features a unique and innovative patent pending arc quenching configuration that allows the breaker to safely handle high amperage and high DC voltage applications in a compact package.

Product Description

By using a patent pending magnetic flux boosting terminal configuration, a strong magnetic field is created thus motivating the arc into an enhanced arc chamber improving the breaker’s overall performance and reliability.

The permanent magnets located at the entrance of the arc chamber combined with the upper and lower arc runner increase the magnetic blow out force and aid in motivating the arc off of the contacts and into the arc chamber.

  • Enhanced arc chamber
  • Temperature stable hydraulic/magnetic overcurrent sensing technology
  • Ideal for integration into photovoltaic renewable energy systems
  • Ideal for integration into Information Technologies’ power distribution equipment utilizing high DC voltage input
  • Actuator Type:Lever
  • Breaker Type:Magnetic (Hydraulic Delay)
  • Current Rating (Amps):15A ~ 50A
  • Mounting Type:Panel Mount
  • Number of Poles:2
  • Voltage Rating - DC:500V ~ 600V

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CX2-B0-14-615-22A-13GCX2-B0-14-615-22A-13GCIR BRKR MAG-HYDR 15A 500VDC Magnetic (Hydraulic Delay)15A500V2RoHS
CX2-B0-14-650-22A-06CCX2-B0-14-650-22A-06CCIR BRKR MAG-HYDR 50A 600VDC Magnetic (Hydraulic Delay)50A600V2RoHS
CX2-B0-14-620-22A-06CCX2-B0-14-620-22A-06CCIR BRKR MAG-HYDR 20A 600VDC Magnetic (Hydraulic Delay)20A600V2RoHS

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