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Sumida America Components Inc.
SPM1004 Series
TDK-Lambda Americas Inc.
CC-E Series
TDK-Lambda Americas Inc.
PXC-M10 Series
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CC-E Series

10W Ultra Compact Single and Dual DC to DC Converters

TDK-Lambda Americas Inc.

The CC-E Series requires up to 50% less mounting space and are the smallest DC to DC converters in the industry.

  • Compact footprint/low profile
  • Through hole or surface mount versions
  • Output voltage adjustment
  • Input - output isolation
  • Self-contained
  • Multiple Input voltage configurations
  • Open frame (no potting)
  • Applications:ITE (Commercial)
  • Control Features:Enable, Active Low
  • Number of Outputs:1 ~ 2
  • Operating Temperature:-40°C ~ 85°C
  • Package / Case:7-DIP Module ~ 7-SMD Module
  • Packaging:Tray
  • Power (Watts):10W
  • Type:Isolated Module
  • Voltage - Input (Max):9V ~ 76V
  • Voltage - Input (Min):4.5V ~ 36V
  • Voltage - Isolation:500V

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CC10-1212DF-ECC10-1212DF-ECONV DC/DC 10W DUL 12V +-12V PCBTrayIsolated Module29V7-DIP ModuleRoHS
CC10-2412DF-ECC10-2412DF-ECONV DC/DC 10W DUL 24V +-12V PCBTrayIsolated Module218V7-DIP ModuleRoHS
CC10-2405SR-ECC10-2405SR-ECONV DC/DC 10W SNGL 24V 5V SMD TrayIsolated Module118V7-SMD ModuleRoHS
CC10-2405SF-ECC10-2405SF-ECONV DC/DC 10W SNGL 24V 5V PCB TrayIsolated Module118V7-DIP ModuleRoHS
CC10-4805SF-ECC10-4805SF-ECONV DC/DC 10W SNGL 48V 5V PCB TrayIsolated Module136V7-DIP ModuleRoHS
CC10-2412SF-ECC10-2412SF-ECONV DC/DC 10W SNGL 24V 12V PCB TrayIsolated Module118V7-DIP ModuleRoHS
CC10-0512SF-ECC10-0512SF-ECONV DC/DC 10W SNGL 5V 12V PCB TrayIsolated Module14.5V7-DIP ModuleRoHS
CC10-1205SF-ECC10-1205SF-ECONV DC/DC 10W SNGL 12V 5V PCB TrayIsolated Module19V7-DIP ModuleRoHS
CC10-0512DR-ECC10-0512DR-ECONV DC/DC 8.5W DUL 5V +-12V SMDTrayIsolated Module24.5V7-SMD ModuleRoHS
CC10-0512DF-ECC10-0512DF-ECONV DC/DC 10W DUL 5V +-12V PCB TrayIsolated Module24.5V7-DIP ModuleRoHS
CC10-0505SF-ECC10-0505SF-ECONV DC/DC 10W SNGL 5V 5V PCB TrayIsolated Module14.5V7-DIP ModuleRoHS
CC10-4812SF-ECC10-4812SF-ECONV DC/DC 10W SNGL 48V 12V PCB TrayIsolated Module136V7-DIP ModuleRoHS
CC10-0503SF-ECC10-0503SF-ECONV DC/DC 10W SNGL 5V 3.3V PCB TrayIsolated Module14.5V7-DIP ModuleRoHS
CC10-2403SF-ECC10-2403SF-ECONV DC/DC 10W SNGL 24V 3.3V PCBTrayIsolated Module118V7-DIP ModuleRoHS
CC10-1205SR-ECC10-1205SR-ECONV DC/DC 10W SNGL 12V 5V SMD TrayIsolated Module19V7-SMD ModuleRoHS
CC10-2412DR-ECC10-2412DR-ECONV DC/DC 10W DUL 24V +-12V SMDTrayIsolated Module218V7-SMD ModuleRoHS
CC10-2412SR-ECC10-2412SR-ECONV DC/DC 10W SNGL 24V 12V SMD TrayIsolated Module118V7-SMD ModuleRoHS
CC10-1203SR-ECC10-1203SR-ECONV DC/DC 6.6W SNG 12V 3.3V SMDTrayIsolated Module19V7-SMD ModuleRoHS
CC10-1203SF-ECC10-1203SF-ECONV DC/DC 10W SNG 12V 3.3V PCB TrayIsolated Module19V7-DIP ModuleRoHS
CC10-1212SR-ECC10-1212SR-ECONV DC/DC 10W SNGL 12V 12V SMD TrayIsolated Module19V7-SMD ModuleRoHS
CC10-4812DF-ECC10-4812DF-ECONV DC/DC 10W DUL 48V +-12V PCBTrayIsolated Module236V7-DIP ModuleRoHS
CC10-0505SR-ECC10-0505SR-ECONV DC/DC 10W SNGL 5V 5V SMD TrayIsolated Module14.5V7-SMD ModuleRoHS
CC10-4803SF-ECC10-4803SF-ECONV DC/DC 10W SNGL 48V 3.3V PCBTrayIsolated Module136V7-DIP ModuleRoHS
CC10-2403SR-ECC10-2403SR-ECONV DC/DC 10W SNGL 24V 3.3V SMDTrayIsolated Module118V7-SMD ModuleRoHS
CC10-1212SF-ECC10-1212SF-ECONV DC/DC 10W SNGL 12V 12V PCB TrayIsolated Module19V7-DIP ModuleRoHS
CC10-0503SR-ECC10-0503SR-ECONV DC/DC 6.6W SNGL 5V 3.3V SMDTrayIsolated Module14.5V7-SMD ModuleRoHS
CC10-1212DR-ECC10-1212DR-ECONV DC/DC 10W DUL 12V +-12V SMDTrayIsolated Module29V7-SMD ModuleRoHS

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