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A10 Series
B12 Series
F20 Series

B12 Series

Double Contact Thermal Cutouts


This thermostat operates as a thermal cutout. A thermally sensitive bimetal snap-element with double contacts either opens or closes an electrical circuit by switching at a pre-set response temperature. Reset follows automatically after a considerable drop in temperature.

  • Non-sensitive to current
  • Manifold executions
  • Motors
  • Transformers
  • Coils
  • Electronics and Sensors
  • Process automation
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Switching Cycles:1K ~ 5K
  • Termination Style:Wire Leads - 4" (101.6mm)
  • Tolerance:±9°F (±5°C)

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B12A07005AEDA0GEB12A07005AEDA0GETHERMAL PROTECTOR 70DEG C NC 6A SPST-NC158°F (70°C)104°F (40°C)6A (250V)Radial
B12B07005AEDA0GEB12B07005AEDA0GETHERMAL PROTECTOR 70DEG C N/O 6ASPST-NO158°F (70°C)104°F (40°C)1.6A (250V)Radial
B12A07505AEDA0GEB12A07505AEDA0GETHERMAL PROTECTOR 75DEG C NC 6A SPST-NC167°F (75°C)113°F (45°C)6A (250V)Radial
B12A08505AEDA0GEB12A08505AEDA0GETHERMAL PROTECTOR 85DEG C NC 6A SPST-NC185°F (85°C)131°F (55°C)6A (250V)Radial
B12A09505AEDA0GEB12A09505AEDA0GETHERMAL PROTECTOR 95DEG C NC 6A SPST-NC203°F (95°C)149°F (65°C)6A (250V)Radial
B12A10505AEDA0GEB12A10505AEDA0GETHERMAL PROTECTOR 105DEG C NC 6ASPST-NC221°F (105°C)167°F (75°C)6A (250V)Radial
B12A12505AEDA0GEB12A12505AEDA0GETHERMAL PROTECTOR 125DEG C NC 6ASPST-NC257°F (125°C)203°F (95°C)6A (250V)Radial
B12A13505AEDA0GEB12A13505AEDA0GETHERMAL PROTECTOR 135DEG C NC 6ASPST-NC275°F (135°C)221°F (105°C)6A (250V)Radial
B12A15005DEDB0GEB12A15005DEDB0GETHERMAL PROTECTOR 150DEG C NC 6ASPST-NC302°F (150°C)248°F (120°C)6A (250V)Housed Sensor
B12A16005DEDB0GEB12A16005DEDB0GETHERMAL PROTECTOR 160DEG C NC 6ASPST-NC320°F (160°C)266°F (130°C)6A (250V)Housed Sensor
B12A06005AEDA0GEB12A06005AEDA0GETHERMAL PROTECTOR 60DEG C NC 6A SPST-NC140°F (60°C)86°F (30°C)6A (250V)Radial
B12B06505AEDA0GEB12B06505AEDA0GETHERMAL PROTECTOR 65DEG C N/O 6ASPST-NO149°F (65°C)95°F (35°C)1.6A (250V)Radial

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