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PUI Audio, Inc.
AST Series
PUI Audio, Inc.
ASX Series
PUI Audio, Inc.
Multi-Layer Piezo Speakers

ASX Series

Audio Sound eXciters, The Invisible Speaker

PUI Audio, Inc.

Transform nearly anything into an audio generating device without the challenges of speakers: complex chambers, the worry of environmental damage, or the need to change the look of your product with speaker holes just to have it make sound. They are driven just like a speaker, so your product that uses speakers is already compatible without any redesign, perfect for making your device completely water and dust proof.

Product Description

When the eXciter vibrates the surface, the audio is generated in planar-wave fashion. This means that listeners can be up to 90° off-axis of the surface and experience the same sound quality as a listener directly in front of the surface.

  • Efficiency - Type:Sound Pressure Level (SPL)
  • Efficiency - dBA:71.0 ~ 107.0
  • Frequency - Self Resonant:35Hz ~ 1200Hz
  • Frequency Range:20Hz ~ 1.2kHz
  • Impedance:4 Ohms ~ 8 Ohms
  • Material - Magnet:Nd-Fe-B
  • Port Location:Top
  • Power - Max:500mW ~ 50W
  • Power - Rated:250mW ~ 25W
  • Technology:Magnetic
  • Type:Exciter

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ASX07008-WP-RASX07008-WP-REXCITER 8OHM 5W 82DB ROUND BulkMagneticExciter1.2kHzRoHS
ASX02608-RASX02608-REXCITER 8OHM 1.5W 82DB ROUND BulkMagneticExciter650HzRoHS
ASX03304-SM-RASX03304-SM-REXCITER 4OHM 2W 80DB ROUND BulkMagneticExciter420HzRoHS
ASX04004-RASX04004-REXCITER 4OHM 3W 86DB ROUND BulkMagneticExciter450HzRoHS
ASX03308-RASX03308-REXCITER 8OHM 3W 85DB ROUND BulkMagneticExciter550HzRoHS
ASX03604-RASX03604-REXCITER 4OHM 3W 88DB ROUND BulkMagneticExciter400HzRoHS
ASX03608-RASX03608-REXCITER 8OHM 3W 85DB ROUND BulkMagneticExciter400HzRoHS
ASX04008-RASX04008-REXCITER 8OHM 3W 83DB ROUND BulkMagneticExciter450HzRoHS
ASX02604-RASX02604-REXCITER 4OHM 1.5W 85DB ROUND TrayMagneticExciter650HzRoHS
ASX02104-RASX02104-REXCITER 4OHM 250MW 72DB ROUND TrayMagneticExciter640HzRoHS
ASX03308-SM-RASX03308-SM-REXCITER 8OHM 2W 77DB ROUND TrayMagneticExciter420HzRoHS
ASX10108-SPD-RASX10108-SPD-REXCITER 8 OHM 102DB TrayMagneticExciter70HzRoHS
ASX05404-HD-RASX05404-HD-REXCITER 4 OHM 107DB TrayMagneticExciter60HzRoHS
ASX05408-HD-RASX05408-HD-REXCITER 8 OHM 104DB TrayMagneticExciter60HzRoHS
ASX03304-RASX03304-REXCITER 4OHM 3W 88DB ROUND TrayMagneticExciter550HzRoHS
ASX08804-TP-RASX08804-TP-REXCITER 4 OHM 106DB TrayMagneticExciter80HzRoHS
ASX08808-TP-RASX08808-TP-REXCITER 8 OHM 103DB TrayMagneticExciter80HzRoHS
ASX10104-SPD-RASX10104-SPD-REXCITER 4 OHM 105DB TrayMagneticExciter70HzRoHS
ASX08604-SW-RASX08604-SW-REXCITER 4 OHM 80DB TrayMagneticExciter20HzRoHS
ASX02108-RASX02108-REXCITER 8OHM 250MW 75DB ROUND TrayMagneticExciter640HzRoHS

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