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PUI Audio, Inc.
ASE Series
PUI Audio, Inc.
AST Series
PUI Audio, Inc.
ASX Series

AST Series

PC Mount Speakers, Magnetic

PUI Audio, Inc.

PUI Audio’s speaker selection includes everything from 13mm PCB surface mount speaker to 5 inch, full range speakers. When an application requires a wide frequency range, music or voice reproduction, PUI Audio’s speakers will answer the call.

  • Magnet Material: Nd-Fe-B
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Available in paper, Mylar® and cloth cone
  • Low profile
  • Also available in surface mount and PCB mount
Applications :
  • Handheld devices
  • Medical equipment and systems
  • Security alarms and equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Leisure equipment
  • Test equipment
  • POS and barcode scanners
  • Desktop phones
  • Computers
  • Efficiency - Type:Sound Pressure Level (SPL)
  • Efficiency - dBA:72.0 ~ 90.0
  • Frequency - Self Resonant:1200Hz ~ 2100Hz
  • Frequency Range:500Hz ~ 2.1kHz
  • Impedance:8 Ohms ~ 100 Ohms
  • Material - Cone:Polyester, Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
  • Material - Magnet:Nd-Fe-B
  • Port Location:Top
  • Power - Max:200mW ~ 500mW
  • Power - Rated:100mW ~ 300mW
  • Shape:Round
  • Technology:Magnetic
  • Termination:PC Pins
  • Type:General Purpose

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AST-01508MR-WT-RAST-01508MR-WT-RSPEAKR 8OHM 300MW TOP PORT 87DB BulkMagneticGeneral Purpose1.7kHz
AST-03208MR-RAST-03208MR-RSPEAKER 8OHM 100MW TOP PORT 82DBTrayMagneticGeneral Purpose500Hz
AST-02308MR-RAST-02308MR-RSPEAKER 8OHM 100MW TOP PORT 75DBTrayMagneticGeneral Purpose600Hz
AST-01508MR-RAST-01508MR-RSPEAKER 8OHM 300MW TOP PORT 87DBTrayMagneticGeneral Purpose1.7kHz
AST-01708MR-RAST-01708MR-RSPEAKER 8OHM 200MW TOP PORT 87DBTrayMagneticGeneral Purpose1.5kHz
AST-1732MR-RAST-1732MR-RSPEAKR 32OHM 200MW TOP PORT 90DBTrayMagneticGeneral Purpose1.7kHz
AST-03008MR-RAST-03008MR-RSPEAKER 8OHM 150MW TOP PORT 72DBTrayMagneticGeneral Purpose500Hz
AST-030C0MR-RAST-030C0MR-RSPEAKER 100OHM 150MW TOP PORT TrayMagneticGeneral Purpose1.2kHz
AST-03032MR-RAST-03032MR-RSPEAKR 32OHM 100MW TOP PORT 81DBTrayMagneticGeneral Purpose1.2kHz
AST-01532MR-RAST-01532MR-RSPEAKR 32OHM 300MW TOP PORT 87DBTrayMagneticGeneral Purpose2.1kHz

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PUI Audio, Inc. 668-1506-KIT
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