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Newhaven Display Intl
Noritake Company Inc.
3000 Series
Noritake Company Inc.
7000 Series
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3000 Series

Graphics Vacuum Fluorescent Display Modules

Noritake Company Inc.

The GU3000 series can perform as a stand alone terminal display with macro programming functions with on board flash memory and I/O port. International fonts including Asian fonts are available.

Product Description

Intelligent dot matrix graphic display featuring flexible ASCII text commands.

  • Single 5V power supply
  • I/O Port controllability
  • High brightness blue green display
  • User window definition and individual control
  • High speed graphic animation ability
  • Character and bitmap image download
  • 16x16 Asian(Japanese, Chinesex2. Korean) font
  • 8 level brightness control
  • RS232C, parallel, USB (option) interface
  • Easy drawing function
  • Power ON/OFF control
  • Display Type:Graphic
  • Interface:Parallel/Serial

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GU256X128E-3900BGU256X128E-3900BVFD GRAPHIC DISPLAY 256X128 110.00mm x 214.00mm x 19.00mm140.65mm L x 70.25mm W-GraphicRoHS
GU256X64C-3900BGU256X64C-3900BMODULE VF GRAPHIC DISPLAY 256X64133.00mm x 38.00mm x 9.00mm83.08mm L x 20.68mm W-GraphicRoHS
GU256X64D-3900BGU256X64D-3900BMODULE VF GRAPHIC DISPLAY 256X64159.00mm x 50.00mm x 11.50mm115.05mm L x 28.65mm W-GraphicRoHS
GU256X64E-3900BGU256X64E-3900BMODULE VF GRAPHIC DISPLAY 256X64188.00mm x 62.00mm x 12.90mm140.65mm L x 35.05mm W-GraphicRoHS

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