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Linear Technology/Analog Devices
Power System Management for Linduino One Shield
Makeblock Co., LTD.
2.4G Wireless Serial
Makeblock Co., LTD.
Bluetooth Module
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2.4G Wireless Serial

13030 - 2.4G Wireless Serial

Makeblock Co., LTD.

This 2.4G Wireless Serial is designed for classroom or workshop when many people use wireless communication simultaneously. It uses the same the technology as wireless mouse. With the feature of no pairing needed and no drivers needed, there is no signal interference when many modules work simultaneously. With two parts included: a dongle to plug on your computer; a module to plug on the mCore, you can easily establish a wireless connection between the software mBlock and Makeblock robot.

  • Contents:Board(s)
  • Function:WiFi
  • Platform:mBot
  • Type:RF