V-Lock Power Cords

V-Lock power cords latch into IEC connectors and power entry modules

Image of Schurter's V-Lock Power CordsSchurter announces the addition of the V-Lock cord retaining system, an attractive and simple solution for appliance couplers and power entry modules according to IEC 60320, styles C14 and C20.

The new V-Lock power cord provides a safe and reliable power connection. It conveniently latches into the notched inlet or outlet to prevent accidental disconnection of the power from the equipment. The yellow catch mechanism is easily released by depressing the lever. Unlike wire bail or clamp accessories, no additional hardware is required to install the cord retaining system, saving installation time and material.

The V-Lock cord retaining solution is ideal for use in environments where protection against power disconnection is essential. Applications include portable medical devices, laboratory equipment, power distribution units for telecommunication and datacom equipment, as well as audio and soundstage equipment.

V-Lock Power Cords

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
6051.2001 datasheet linkUS CORDSET 10A 2.0M V-LOCK6051.2001US CORDSET 10A 2.0M V-LOCK1965 - Immediate
6051.2001 product page link
6051.2041 datasheet linkUS CORDSET 16A 2.0M V-LOCK6051.2041US CORDSET 16A 2.0M V-LOCK725 - Immediate
6051.2041 product page link
6051.2037 datasheet linkJUMPER CORDSET 10A 0.6M V-LOCK6051.2037JUMPER CORDSET 10A 0.6M V-LOCK492 - Immediate
6051.2037 product page link
6051.2003 datasheet linkEU CORDSET 10A 2.0M V-LOCK6051.2003EU CORDSET 10A 2.0M V-LOCK238 - Immediate
6051.2003 product page link
6051.2007 datasheet linkJUMPER CORDSET 10A 2.0M V-LOCK6051.2007JUMPER CORDSET 10A 2.0M V-LOCK322 - Immediate
6051.2007 product page link
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V-Lock Entry Modules

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
EC11.0001.001.21 datasheet linkPWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C20 PNLEC11.0001.001.21PWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C20 PNL332 - Immediate
EC11.0001.001.21 product page link
4798.9000.21 datasheet linkPWR ENT RCPT IEC320-C20 PANEL QC4798.9000.21PWR ENT RCPT IEC320-C20 PANEL QC330 - Immediate
4798.9000.21 product page link
DC11.0001.201.21 datasheet linkPWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C14 PNLDC11.0001.201.21PWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C14 PNL382 - Immediate
DC11.0001.201.21 product page link
4793.4000.21 datasheet linkPWR ENT RCPT IEC320-C20 PANEL QC4793.4000.21PWR ENT RCPT IEC320-C20 PANEL QC96 - Immediate
4793.4000.21 product page link
6600.4115.21 datasheet linkPWR ENT RCPT IEC320-2-2F PANEL6600.4115.21PWR ENT RCPT IEC320-2-2F PANEL81 - Immediate
6600.4115.21 product page link
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Published: 2012-06-29